Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Month, New Goals, New Intentions...Hello September!

With the NEW MONTH I felt it appropriate to officially start #Cize today.  
It has been sitting there calling my name and trying to tell me to get my crap together and 

So here ya go! Day 1, week 1 of Cize!! 

Summer fun had me off track a bit with my workouts and nutrition. 
Nothing outrageous, lifestyle change remember...but it's time to get those goals in line again. 

Not going to lie but my time management has sucked since my little girl started Kinder 3 weeks ago. 

My stress, and anxiety have returned.
 We are late to almost everything, running around, looking for a shoe, bag or whatever..
Not only was it effecting me and my day but it was rippling into the kids and their mood as well. 
Our home looked and felt like a hurricane had come through it.  
Emotions and all...that is not good!  

Here I was getting upset that my kids were just mimicking the same emotions I was showing.  
Snarky attitudes, smacking of the lips and the infamous eye roll...
I am the master of the eye roll after all....

It's not easy to admit. 

Obviously I'm not proud either.  

The truth is the anxiety and bouts of depression don't ever really goes away,  
at least not for me, not yet.  

YES, Exercise has helped tremendously and Personal Development has been essential in my journey
but ACCOUNTABILITY was lacking big time this Summer.  

I was skipping days in my Personal Development, just like I was skipping workouts
 It's no different than cheating on your nutrition plan...

So many day to day things we take for granted that I DECIDED to put away my distractions, set aside my frustrations and basically OWN IT!!

I NEED TO OWN MY TIME and where it's going! 

It's not just ME who I am letting down, that ripples into my family....to give them the BEST of me, I need to take care of me, physically and spiritually.


Does this sound a bit familiar?

If you have time to farm and crush candy, scroll Facebook, and get into arguments in the comment section with strangers then you have time to dedicate it to you, your family and your goals. 


We ALL have 24 hours...so if you've hit a bump, found some distractions along the way ( squirrel ) or just can't "find the time"...then its time to re-evaluate your priorities and adjust accordingly.

I DID! and so can YOU!

Hello September!!! I've been waiting for you!!! 

New Month
New Goals
New Intentions


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