Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekly Meal Prep and Meal Plan

I am SO happy I made it to Costco yesterday!!

After my hubby got called into work on Sunday  (his only day off of work) we decided to use the opportunity to take a little mini trip and stayed in the  Hotel with HIM for the night.  

The commute would have been a total drag for him since it was a 2 day job so his boss was kind enough to get him a Room for the night in a nice HOTEL ....

So i packed up some healthy snacks, mostly fruit and veggies and plenty of water to take with us.

The kids got a kick of staying somewhere new and a new take on Hide and Seek in a HOTEL ROOM...lol  and mama got to enjoy the delicious complimentary breakfast and pool! 

I also took advantage of Beachbody's On Demand and still nailed my workout so I can be right there in the trenches with my Challengers!!! 

Since Sunday and Monday morning were spent living the Hotel life I hit up Costco after the drive home and did a little meal prep while I whipped up Dinner!

Steak Fajitas for the WIN!!! This my hubby's plate btw...I skipped Dinner and had my Shakeology instead.  I'm saving this for TODAY!

I grilled the veggies with a little coconut oil, barely a teaspoon and then used 1 whole lime as I grilled the steak, added some steak seasoning and that was it!  A little avocado and you got a great meal in minutes!! 

I also picked up a Rotisserie Chicken for salads, sandwiches, tacos or to mix with eggs & veggies in the morning for breakfast quick and on the go!

I sliced up the other halves of the bell peppers for easy grab and go during the week to throw in a salad, snack on or just sautee with our Dinners later this week. 

I am feeling so accomplished and ready to rock it and so are my CHALLENGERS who started THIS WEEK! 

Need a little help setting your meal plan up? Try google sheets! I use it and LOVE IT!! 

Here is a copy of my meal plan for the week for Inspiration on creating your own. 

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