Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekly Meal Prep and Meal Plan

I am SO happy I made it to Costco yesterday!!

After my hubby got called into work on Sunday  (his only day off of work) we decided to use the opportunity to take a little mini trip and stayed in the  Hotel with HIM for the night.  

The commute would have been a total drag for him since it was a 2 day job so his boss was kind enough to get him a Room for the night in a nice HOTEL ....

So i packed up some healthy snacks, mostly fruit and veggies and plenty of water to take with us.

The kids got a kick of staying somewhere new and a new take on Hide and Seek in a HOTEL ROOM...lol  and mama got to enjoy the delicious complimentary breakfast and pool! 

I also took advantage of Beachbody's On Demand and still nailed my workout so I can be right there in the trenches with my Challengers!!! 

Since Sunday and Monday morning were spent living the Hotel life I hit up Costco after the drive home and did a little meal prep while I whipped up Dinner!

Steak Fajitas for the WIN!!! This my hubby's plate btw...I skipped Dinner and had my Shakeology instead.  I'm saving this for TODAY!

I grilled the veggies with a little coconut oil, barely a teaspoon and then used 1 whole lime as I grilled the steak, added some steak seasoning and that was it!  A little avocado and you got a great meal in minutes!! 

I also picked up a Rotisserie Chicken for salads, sandwiches, tacos or to mix with eggs & veggies in the morning for breakfast quick and on the go!

I sliced up the other halves of the bell peppers for easy grab and go during the week to throw in a salad, snack on or just sautee with our Dinners later this week. 

I am feeling so accomplished and ready to rock it and so are my CHALLENGERS who started THIS WEEK! 

Need a little help setting your meal plan up? Try google sheets! I use it and LOVE IT!! 

Here is a copy of my meal plan for the week for Inspiration on creating your own. 

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tostada Salad With or Without the Shell

Mmmm...Get it ma belly! 
I introduce you too one of my all time favorites homemade creations!

So easy to make I promise! 

I have made a few times already and it's perfect because everyone is happy. 

  The kids and my hubby eat this with the shell or sometimes in burritos or those already made taco shells. 

Instead of feeding my carb-aholic tendencies I ALWAYS opt for the salad version on Taco Night! 

What you will need: 

Brown Rice
Black Beans
Ground Turkey I used 3lbs and cooked with taco seasoning (of your choice)
Greek Yogurt
Shredded cheese
Hot Sauce

Flour or Wheat Tortilla
Oven Safe Bowl


Start by cooking your meat, nothing fancy here.  I typically throw in some garlic, some onion and use Taco Seasoning for this particular recipe.

While your meat is cooking you'll start my by turning that oven on to about 350 degrees.  Take your medium or large sized tortilla and lightly dampen it with a little water just to so it won't tear.

If you do not have an oven safe bowl then you can use foil and just use the bowl to help you mold it. 

l Place the Tortilla over it creating and umbrella over the foil or the upside down bowl and
place on a cookie sheet and into the oven for about 8-10 minutes.

I just keep an eye on it and pull them out when they're a golden brown.
Once done I remove and let it cool for a bit and....load it up!!! 

With or Without the Tostada shell this is still absolutely DELISH!! 

And YES this is 21 Day Fix Approved!!

The portions you see above are 1 Red, 2 Green, 1 Blue, and 2 Yellow OR skip the shell to save yourself a yellow container ;) 

NOTE: I split my containers so I can a little bit of everything in my salad.  Avo and Cheese in my blue container and rice and black beans in my yellow. 

Hope you enjoy!!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Food and Fitness Reboot; 21 Day Fix Support Group

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

How is everyone feeling after this holiday weekend? 

I know I could use a little clean up on my nutrition...what can I say, I'm human too!
And if you're anything like me and struggle with food choices from time to time or just need plain old ACCOUNTABILITY  
then this support group might just be what you need.

Do want to learn how to eat for results?

Do you want to get excited about your food & about workouts?

Are you ready to learn to LOVE yourself?

It's so easy to follow and I share some of my favorite meals, snacks and family dinners that keep everyone happy....ok, most of the time.

Not only are the workouts short (30 minutes) but they're easy to modify AND you are you eating delicious, healthy food, in the correct portion sizes as well 

AND I also have up for grabs a  FREE copy of FIXATE!

 It's filled with 101 recipes to use with your ‪ 21dayFix‬ or ‪ ‎21dayFixExtreme‬

This is PERFECT to have on hand once our 21 Day Journey ENDS!!


You also get put into my LIFETIME SUPPORT group to help keep you 
on track AFTER our 21 days are over.

Each Challenge Pack comes with a 30 day supply of Shakeology, it is the magic sauce...
actually it'll count as 1 red container and one of your meals OR snack and it's packed with 
70 super foods to keep you full, satisfied and it's packed with optimal nutrition...
SERIOUSLY...I promise you won't regret it! 

If you're ready to roll or have a few more question you have a couple options:

Fill out the Challenge Group Application HERE
Click HERE to find the EVENT INVITE on Facebook and click JOIN
Contact Me via Facebook, Instagram or drop a comment below 

I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to chat goals, price and answer any questions you may still have. 

What do you have to loose? besides some bad habits and some weight ;)