Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My 5 De Mayo Survival Guide

Happy 5 De Mayo Everyone!!! Who is going out to celebrate tonight? Not this girl...lol 

Unfortunately for me my hubby has an extra long day at work which means we won't be out celebrating tonight (blessing in disguise really)

That doesn't mean that we won't be enjoying a good ol Mexican Dish!

For us it's just another Tuesday night around here...lol 


If at ALL possible, MAKE YOUR OWN MEALS! 
It's the only way you can control the ingredients and portions.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy options: 

  1. Ceviche!
  2. Fajitas with no sour cream. Load up on chicken (or steak if you must) with peppers, onions, guacamole, black beans & salsa. All of these are so good for you! (you can add brown rice tortillas too)
  3. Salmon or Shrimp Salad with Salsa
  4. Chicken with rice & black beans

These are my just a few of my favorite recipes!  YES, ALL HOMEMADE! 

Steak Fajitas! They're a family favorite and Easy to make! Chop, grill and Eat!
You can use tortillas, lettuce to cut out some carbs or throw it all in a bowl and have a salad!
The options are endless!!

Tell me that Salad doesn't look good?  See...LITERALLY just throw it ALL in a bowl and BOOM!! Mexican Salad!  
(Greek Yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream ;) 

These are also a big hit! No need for a tortilla and you don't have to feel guilty about paring them beans and rice! 

Craving a little crunch?  
Try this lighter take on Taquitos with Guacamole! 
You can enjoy them with a side salad or beans and rice or quinoa. 

Shrimp OR Lobster Ceviche andyone?  

When you have a diver in the family having lobster on hand is a major perk ;)
I used little won ton wrappers for this particular recipe here. 

If you MUST eat out out then keep it simple and just plan ahead!!!

Most restaurants have their menu, calorie information and macro nutrients on their website, look them up, search myfitnesspal or just call the restaurant if you must but no matter what get that workout in, go hard and earn that dang Margarita!!

Try to avoid or have in MODERATION 

  • Chips- lots of saturated fat that goes straight to your tummy!
  • Sour cream… same as chips!
  • Heavy cheese dishes! Greasy and guaranteed to weigh you down… so eat your cheese in moderation.
  • Really sugary Margaritas. Ask them to stay light on the sour mix and ask for extra limes and on the the rocks.  

I hope these tips and meal ideas helped! If so please leave a comment, and share <3 

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