Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Congrats on TOP 10!

Last night the company that I am so proud to be apart of had a big announcement to make.  
They were going to officially give the list of the TOP 10 in the company who earned
their spot in all expenses paid trip to Paris for two.
Sounds cool right?  Well let me tell you a little story behind this first...

About 2 years ago when I decided to borrow my Dad's Insanity DVD's i started looking up YouTube video transformations.  Because you know, the ones the company gives you are selected so of course they're the best of the best...and at the time i thought even possibly photo shopped.  They're NOT but at the time I really  just wanted to see a REAL person, a REAL mom's transformation.  

That's when I stumbled on Anita's YouTube video.   
It was the most inspiring thing to watch her break down into tears, struggle through her workouts, and put it ALL out there for the world to see.  I saw her transformation and was amazed! I just knew then and there that if she could do it so could I.  I started following her on Facebook and watching her journey.  I was still not into the idea of doing Shakeology  so I was only doing my Insanity program and following a healthy diet but it just wasn't cutting it.  I was still hungry, I was still having cravings, I was getting frustrated with everything really.  I would try my own smoothies and barf! I decided that I was going to finally take her up on all those crazy "Join my Challenge Group" posts and decided to reach out to her. 

We spoke on the phone and totally clicked and that night I ordered my Challenge Pack with Shakeology! I was so jazzed and excited.    In the meantime she kept talking about the coaching opportunity and how you could get a discount on your Shakeology  and even earn money from home. HELLO! I wanted in!   I had no desire to coach really but the discount sounded amazing!! 
 I just wanted to keep enjoying my Shakeology and to keep adding to my ever growing  Beachbody Fitness Program collection I had accumulated over the last 11 years...yup...11 years I've done at home workouts.   I would jut log on, order a program and sort of do it, maybe for a couple weeks or months and then fall off track and so on.  

This time though, it was different and I knew it.
I  was a mom, a wife and I no longer recognized the woman staring back at me.
 The one my husband feel in love with, the one who dreamed of a happy marriage and family.
My weight was becoming more of an issue that just not fitting into my clothes.
It was affecting the most important parts of my life...My Family.
I knew I had to make a lifestyle change and
I knew deep down that this time I was going to succeed.

So I stepped and started coaching! Like anything new I was terrible at first...lol
I had no idea what I was doing at first and made very mistake possible.
Annoyed my friends with fitness posts (wait I still do that, hahaha)

All I wanted was to share with people what was FINALLY  working for me and
Why Shakeology and Beachbody were unlike anything else out there.

The family, the culture and support is why I have succeeded!

I've lost 60lbs, I've kept if off for over a year!
I've helped other women along the way find their way to a healthier lifestyle.
I'm a Piyo and Turbo Kick Instructor with dreams of being a Master Trainer someday.
THIS all of it never would have happened if Anita hadn't offered the Coach Opportunity to me.

Now I'm not gonna lie but I thought Anita was a little crazy...She had these dreams of being a Success Club All Star, Elite and Top Coach ( I didn't even know what that all meant at the time)
Anita from day one spoke so confidently about how what dreams she had for her team, for her family and for her future.  She was the first person who made me start to think I was CRAZY too for believing it could all be possible.   Well it turns out she wasn't crazy after all...it was PASSION, and BELIEF, and FAITH that helped get her a Top 10 spot in all of Beachbody.  

She not just reached Top 10, she reached financial freedom, she found a passion in fitness
and has grown our team of coaches into an EMPIRE of over 1800 men and woman working and sweating their asses off to change the world one person at a time.

We are the believers, the dreamers and the doers.
We are the ones that will do what others don't so see success. 

This coach, this woman who had a small handful of coaches when I first met her, some who believed, some who didn't but no matter what SHE ALWAYS BELIEVED and NOW here she is Top 6 out of 250,000+ Coaches in the network and she's my Coach, Mentor and Friend. 

She is the backbone of this team, she is the reason we never stop believing.
She is the reason we wake up every day with our WHY so deep that we're ready to face 100 "No's" and the reason we'll go to bed with a 100 more.
This business can be hard, people judge you and think you're a scummy sales person.
Well,  I'm not! I'm  a mom who was so desperate in her life to loose weight that she did some unthinkable things as a teen to  do so...things that to this day weigh heavy on my heart and soul.

 I am a mom and a wife who loved her family so deeply that she was willing
to face her demons and own her mistakes so she could

Beachbody helped paved the way, but Anita kept the fire alive!

Congratulation Anita!!!!
I am proud and honored to be a part of The Inspire Empire.

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