Sunday, January 11, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Week 2-3 Update and Meal Plan

The first full week of the new year! Monday was the start of many peoples 
New Year Resolution to start getting healthy and fit and you know what that means? 
 Weight and Measurement Day!!

It's a day many dread, I myself was a little worried to be honest with you all. 
 A few more cheat meals than I had hoped, sweets that I just couldn't resist. 
 I knew that if I just kept on with my routine as best I could and my Shakeology daily that I wouldn't repeat my mistakes from last year. 
 (You can read about that 2014 Holiday Weight Gain HERE)

Before the hustle and bustle of the Holidays this year I had just finished up 
my second round of the 21 Day Fix around November.
I lost 6lbs and 2 more inches from my waist! 

But as the days and weeks followed and workouts were skipped 
I krept back up a gain to 162lbs by early December.
In fact I was fluctuating between 162-165lbs every few days.  

While weight loss isn't the main goal anymore, it's really just to be healthy and fit it still doesn't change the fact that these last 20-30lbs that I have left to lose have been my biggest challenge yet! 

My NUTRITION is the KEY and I KNOW IT, I also know that I need to

 I don't just base my progress by what's on the scale, I know I'm stronger, I know my endurance is better but the TRUTH is YOU CAN'T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET!

And when you hit plateaus it's a moment when you need to stop and do a real gut check and ask yourself if YOU really are doing EVERYTHING you can.
The answer is usually NO! 

But I'm human, and one cheat meal can turn into a cheat day or week 
even more so around the Holidays...but not this time! 

I made sure I didn't skip a workout, I made sure I tried to fill myself
with nutritional food whenever I could and when I didn't,
my Shakeology was there to save the day.

My Meal Plan  was pretty simple so I could stay as consistent as possible.
The only thing I didn't get around to making was the Italian Beaked Chicken Breast for Dinner,
 so I did leave it on the menu for next week.

I finished off all my meal prep and had nothing go to waste!
Super stoked about that.
The weekends are tough around here and we tend to cave often and eat out.
Not this weekend!

I made Chicken Fajitas, Fish, Grilled Chicken and Ground Turkey.  I usually just get that far ahead in  the game and then Dinner only takes me a few minutes when grilling up some fresh veggies!

Sick around this week, I'll share all my meals and how I make them fit breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I also discovered something yesterday as I was typing this up...
I did the wrong workouts during week 3...YUP!!
 I did Tabata Power instead of Tabata Strenght...twice!!!

 I also missed 2 workouts because of this cold so  I decided this morning that I would repeat week 3 again starting tomorrow now that I'm feeling better and can actually get through
my workouts without coughing up a lung.  

So I woke this morning and got to work on my Meal Plan and scheduling those wokrouts!
My groups are all set to roll for tomorrow and Meal Prep will start later this afternoon!

What about my Challengers you might ask? 
Well this is their first week of their program, some are still waiting for it to arrive.  
We officially started on the 5th so I'm only about 2 weeks ahead of them on the program. 
 I'll have progress on my Challengers later in the week.  

To be honest the most exciting part of this week was receiving this message from a friend.
It was not expected, but I'll tell you it made my day <3

I've heard it before.... what do Beachbody Coaches know about fitness & nutrition? 
What do Beachbody Coaches know about changing lives? 
Well it's somewhat true, in the beginning I didn't know everything about fitness & nutrition, but I was backed by a company and trainers and programs who did. 
And more importantly I had my OWN journey to share from. 
And my journey continues to this day.

So getting a message like this completely validates everything I do as a coach. 
I may have been mocked at one point about my business or for working out in my living room instead of a gym, but I'm here to tell you that the choice to change, 
the choice to be the best YOU starts from within. 
Not in a gym. 

Congrats my friend!!! You are absolute PROOF that change is beyond just a
physical part with Beachbody.
For me, I have seen a change in me Emotionally, Spiritually and  YES, even financially. 

Thank you so much Amiga for this message <3
It means the world to me, It's messages like this that make this all worth it! 

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