Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!! Bring on 2015!!


First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU for following me on this crazy roller coaster of  life. 
The last year and a half has been one incredible journey.  
I've overcome many obstacles and challenges, many of which were really just my own mental barriers keeping me from reaching for something MORE!

2 Years ago I made the decision to STOP making a New Year's Resolutions. 
Because they always got broken, and I would feel like a complete failure. 
I've spend a lifetime wishing I could change from one day to the next but it's nothing like that....

Discipline isn't built overnight, it takes time to build the mental strength to 
overcome temptations and your fears. 
Learning how to live a new lifestyle that you think you might not
 be able to follow through with can be such a challenge for many. 
There will be a lot of times you will give in to your old ways, 
it has happened to me many times, but you live and you learn guys!

So this year, please don't beat yourself up if you mess up 
because with each mistake and misstep is a new lesson learned. 
You might look at some people and think they do everything 
right and they are perfect but believe me, 
no one is and we all make mistakes. 

Understand that anything worth having does not come easy but at the end it is worth it!!

So instead of focusing on the old you, 
focus on the NEW YOU that you want to be The sky is the limit!!

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