Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 Possible Reasons your weight loss plan isn't working for you

So you've spent hours in the gym, made some great strides in your food choices and it's time to hop on the scale...and then nothing loss...and there you are ready to throw in the towel! 

You could be making some slight errors in your efforts.
These are some of the things I've picked up along the way and whenever I hit a bump or a plateau I give my self the #GutCheck I talk about.  Am I planning, prepping, and setting attainable goals for my circumstances?  Am I doing every possible effort to make it happen?

Here you have it, 8 possible reasons your weight loss may not be working for you. 

1. Under Eating. 

Yes, you read that right, under eating not over eating like most people usually assume. 
Eating very low carb/fat/calorie is not only setting yourself up to over eat or full on binge later but also over time actually slowing your metabolism.   If you own a beachbody program it came with a nutrition guide...USE IT!  I get so many people who tell me they aren't seeing progress and then I ask them what they are eating and they share with me rabbit food!! Eat people EAT!!
Why do you think your body is holding onto fat, you're starving yourself, it's not a sustainable way to live #JustSayin

2. Not planning ahead. 

I've always found this to be so important, whether or not you actually prep your meals ahead of time or just make a weekly menu so when you get  home you know exactly what needs to get done instead of staring mindlessly into the fridge and then ordering take out anyways.  Use your resources, pinterest is my favorite place or hello.....Meal Prep tab right here to the left ;)
Knowing exactly what you will eat so when you get hungry can make all the difference to staying on track. 

3. Binge Eating

If you find yourself continuously binging or having far to many treat meals at a certain time of day, take a moment to focus on WHAT is causing the binging.  Are you emotional, stressed or just bored? You may not be able to control the circumstances around you sure as heck can control your reaction towards them and self sabotage is not the way to go!  Part of the solution is Planning and Prepping! 

4.  Improper Portion Sizes

Not measuring/ Over estimating serving sizes, as well as under estimating liquid calories. Remember a few glasses of wine, those lattes or other coffee drinks can add up quickly. Personally I am far to prone to disordered eating to track every bite, however measuring out some foods like fats, can significantly make a difference. An eyeballed tbsp of Peanut Butter can easily actually be 2-3 tbsp which can add in hundreds of calories that you are not registering eating.  
Mindless snacking is the worst! A quick handfull of your kids snacks and you've consumed the calories you burned in that 30 minute worker you barely had time to squeeze in. 

5.Not drinking enough water. 

Being dehydrated can easily be mistaken for hunger causing unwanted and unneeded snacking.
Aside from quenching your thirst, drinking the right amount of water can benefit your overall health in countless other ways. From aiding weight loss to boosting productivity.

6. Using Fad, drastic or starvation diets to reach your goal. 

They will backfire and cause binging, also if followed for an extended period of time can bring your metabolism to a crashing halt ( the reason so many people gain the weight back after a drastic diet) Aside from really damaging your body, the mental state and if you're a parent, this is something you DO NOT want to pass on to your kids... Quick fixes do not work! 

7. Drastic diet changes all at once. 

Changing your nutrition and exercise habits is hard both mentally and physically and while we all want to get to our goals as fast as possible doing too much too soon can backfire by setting you up to get overwhelmed and give up.   Losing 1-2lbs a week is ideal and if it's less...SO WHAT!! The time is passing you anyways, keep staying consistent and the results will come.
Lifestyle Change, remember that! 

8. Making treat meals into treat days. 

Remember that treat meals are 100% ok and great for your happiness and sanity allowing yourself a break and just eating but There is a HUGE difference between enjoying a meal and possibly a dessert to a whole day of binging on everything in sight.  You know the saying "One bad meal can't make you fat,just like one good meal can't make you skinny.
It's all about finding a balance.

I hope this helps give you a better perspective on your journey to fit.  If you have any questions or want to join one of my next challenge groups, click the CONTACT tab above and I hope to hear form you soon! 

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