Friday, January 16, 2015

How I Turned My Fitness Into A Business and My Passion into a Purpose

I've made a ton of mistakes in my life but I know deep inside that GOD made me..ME!! 
And He LOVED me anyways!!
 He has brought me through all of the messes I made and to a place of love & peace. 
I am so grateful! 
And this year when I made a vow to be more open, honest and to share 
more of my story openly and unapologetically, I meant it!! 
Because if I can give hope to ONE person who is now going through some of the things I went through, it will be worth it.

When I got laid off from my job almost 5 1/2 years ago I was 6 months pregnant. 
While I was scared and nervous for what was to come, my faith told me would be alright. 

The loss of my job forced us to make a decision we knew deep in our heart we 
wanted to make but were afraid to because of our finances.   We were married only a month before we learned we had conceived Evie.  Losing my income was a challenge at first, there was a lot of stress, tension and many times resentment...but we stayed the course no matter how difficult things got.

When I started my fitness journey with Beachbody we were not in a good place financially and I was still struggling with my depression.  We made sacrifices in many more ways than just our budget.
I love my family, I love my husband dearly but I was losing myself...I wanted just to feel ALIVE again...To be HEALTHY, FIT, and give my family what they DESERVED.

When times got hard I thought it would be easier to just find ANY job to be able 
to help bring in extra MONEY.  But then we had the issue of childcare, gas, time away from the babies and so I decided to stay the course with my health & fitness and dream BIG, which led me to getting BIT....and HARD..... by the entrepreneurial bug through Beachbody!

My true PASSION! I now earn an Income from HOME on my TIME.  
Remember, my REAL job is being a MOM, but as a COACH focusing on helping people with their health, fitness and nutrition goals has given me another sense of PURPOSE.

I had no idea the effect it would have on me. 
 I really only thought it would be great to earn a little extra here and there, but messages and comments and e-mails that I get from friends, strangers telling me that I INSPIRE them, GIVE them HOPE...WOW!! 

In these moments I am reminded that my purpose here is meant for much more.  
My depression almost ruined my family, my weight almost destroyed me, but I found myself again and have grown into something much more than I was before. 

The point of the story is, if you want something bad enough, 
you will be willing to invest in yourself and in the process to learn.
You have to open to change, willing to change and take each misstep as a lesson.

Many things you attempt may not always pan out as you expect. You either quit too soon, don't believe in yourself enough to keep pursuing keep going and learning and experiencing and then entirely new world of opportunities open up for you.

 I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be offering fitness and nutrition advice, put together online fitness challenges, reach countless women across the united states that I never otherwise would have connected with.. I DO THIS, and my heart HUNGERS for more.

Not only have I learned how help others find a path to fitness, 
but I learned to do this AND  make money online.

I built & designed my own blog, grew a passion so deep that I also became a Fitness Instructor !!
All while continuing to learn about successful online marketing, AT HOME!
Its so interesting to me how ONE COMMITTED DECISION (for me it was to FIND A WAY to get healthy and stay that way), led to getting inspired to blog about my journey and 
inspire others along the way too. 

WOW.....and to think.....I could still be CHOOSING to work for the man in 
corporate america but I wouldn't even be home RIGHT NOW. 
I'd be working to get off of work at 5 to spending an hour+ in traffic.

What I am doing to today.....there is NOTHING LIKE IT!!
Social Media is not just about #Selfies and #OTTD

I fed my own personal needs of working out, getting fit and living a healthy life. 
I get to show others how to do it too. 
I get to help others earn an income from simply focusing on their health and on helping others 
and I get to be at home with my children....EVERY DAY!!!

There is ALWAYS a better way people, you just have to be persistent enough to chase it!

I am looking for women, just like me who want to or are already making a change for themselves and their family! I want to mentor you, show you one simple act of courage can have a ripple effect. 
YOU, WE all have a voice, a story, something we can share that give someone else HOPE! 

My vision is to grow a team of women (and men) who lead with their

If you want more information or want to be considered for my next Coach Mentorship please fill out the application HERE and I'll reach out to you so we can see if this is the right FIT for you ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 Possible Reasons your weight loss plan isn't working for you

So you've spent hours in the gym, made some great strides in your food choices and it's time to hop on the scale...and then nothing loss...and there you are ready to throw in the towel! 

You could be making some slight errors in your efforts.
These are some of the things I've picked up along the way and whenever I hit a bump or a plateau I give my self the #GutCheck I talk about.  Am I planning, prepping, and setting attainable goals for my circumstances?  Am I doing every possible effort to make it happen?

Here you have it, 8 possible reasons your weight loss may not be working for you. 

1. Under Eating. 

Yes, you read that right, under eating not over eating like most people usually assume. 
Eating very low carb/fat/calorie is not only setting yourself up to over eat or full on binge later but also over time actually slowing your metabolism.   If you own a beachbody program it came with a nutrition guide...USE IT!  I get so many people who tell me they aren't seeing progress and then I ask them what they are eating and they share with me rabbit food!! Eat people EAT!!
Why do you think your body is holding onto fat, you're starving yourself, it's not a sustainable way to live #JustSayin

2. Not planning ahead. 

I've always found this to be so important, whether or not you actually prep your meals ahead of time or just make a weekly menu so when you get  home you know exactly what needs to get done instead of staring mindlessly into the fridge and then ordering take out anyways.  Use your resources, pinterest is my favorite place or hello.....Meal Prep tab right here to the left ;)
Knowing exactly what you will eat so when you get hungry can make all the difference to staying on track. 

3. Binge Eating

If you find yourself continuously binging or having far to many treat meals at a certain time of day, take a moment to focus on WHAT is causing the binging.  Are you emotional, stressed or just bored? You may not be able to control the circumstances around you sure as heck can control your reaction towards them and self sabotage is not the way to go!  Part of the solution is Planning and Prepping! 

4.  Improper Portion Sizes

Not measuring/ Over estimating serving sizes, as well as under estimating liquid calories. Remember a few glasses of wine, those lattes or other coffee drinks can add up quickly. Personally I am far to prone to disordered eating to track every bite, however measuring out some foods like fats, can significantly make a difference. An eyeballed tbsp of Peanut Butter can easily actually be 2-3 tbsp which can add in hundreds of calories that you are not registering eating.  
Mindless snacking is the worst! A quick handfull of your kids snacks and you've consumed the calories you burned in that 30 minute worker you barely had time to squeeze in. 

5.Not drinking enough water. 

Being dehydrated can easily be mistaken for hunger causing unwanted and unneeded snacking.
Aside from quenching your thirst, drinking the right amount of water can benefit your overall health in countless other ways. From aiding weight loss to boosting productivity.

6. Using Fad, drastic or starvation diets to reach your goal. 

They will backfire and cause binging, also if followed for an extended period of time can bring your metabolism to a crashing halt ( the reason so many people gain the weight back after a drastic diet) Aside from really damaging your body, the mental state and if you're a parent, this is something you DO NOT want to pass on to your kids... Quick fixes do not work! 

7. Drastic diet changes all at once. 

Changing your nutrition and exercise habits is hard both mentally and physically and while we all want to get to our goals as fast as possible doing too much too soon can backfire by setting you up to get overwhelmed and give up.   Losing 1-2lbs a week is ideal and if it's less...SO WHAT!! The time is passing you anyways, keep staying consistent and the results will come.
Lifestyle Change, remember that! 

8. Making treat meals into treat days. 

Remember that treat meals are 100% ok and great for your happiness and sanity allowing yourself a break and just eating but There is a HUGE difference between enjoying a meal and possibly a dessert to a whole day of binging on everything in sight.  You know the saying "One bad meal can't make you fat,just like one good meal can't make you skinny.
It's all about finding a balance.

I hope this helps give you a better perspective on your journey to fit.  If you have any questions or want to join one of my next challenge groups, click the CONTACT tab above and I hope to hear form you soon! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chicken Taquitos: 21Day Fix & Insanity Max:30 Approved

What if I told you that you could lose weight, get fit and still eat yummy Mexican Food 
just like this and NOT call it a CHEAT MEAL? 

THIS is WHY I LOVE the 21Day Fix so much! 
It has taught so much about food and proper portions.  
And it's also the same nutrition guidelines as Insanity Max:30 but you can only get the containers with the Deluxe Kit. 

Over the last year I have taken some of my family favorites 
and guilty pleasure and just learned to be more mindful of the preparation.  
I cut back on the serving size for one, and I also change the way I cook things, the oils I use, the added spices or side dishes like the Rice and Beans.

This is a big hit at home with everyone! 
The hubby loved it just with plain Guacamole and cheese on top! 
I load up on veggies or a small salad and have 2 or even 3 depending on
 how many yellow containers I still have left for the day. 


1. Corn Tortillas
2. Chicken Breast 2-3 or go with BEEF! 
3. Avocado 1-2 
4. Tomato & Onions Optional for Guacamole
5. Shredded Mexican Style Cheese
6. 1 tsp Avocado or Coconut Oil
7. Non Stick Skillet works best! 


1. You can cheat and use a pre-packed meat or make your own.  I typically take 1/3 of an onion, toss it into boiling water, 1 garlic clove chopped finely, and throw in my Chicken Breast.  I add a little dash of salt, I prefer Pink Himalayan salt.   Once it's done, I let it cool off and then pull apart with a fork or my hands.  This is usually done during my Sunday Night Meal Prep and it sits in the fridge until I make the Taquitos for Dinner another night. 

I HAD TO...Because it's 

Anyways back to my Taquitos...

2.  I use a comal to warm up your tortillas. You can put them in the microwave but I always leave them too long and they fall apart on me.  I warm up my tortillas to soften them up, I add the chicken, roll it up and use a toothpick to secure.  (I'll try to get a better picture next time and update this for you.)  I place the lip of the taquito down first onto the skillet.  I barely use any oil for this.  I have this flipping awesome non-stick skillet so I only use about 1 tsp for all our taquitos!
When I first place them on there, I give them a quick little roll through the oil and leave the lip side down, once they start to brown I turn them over and then on their sides...OR you can skip the skillet and put them in the OVEN!! I've done this too, they're a little crispier and don't have the same "feel" but are just as tasty ;) 


3.  I typically like my Guacamole with fresh lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, onions and a serrano chili for a kick but for some reason we really like these Taquitos with just plain guacamole!  
Just mashed up a couple avocados, add a little salt and's like the ones from down the street we love so much only not deep fried and drowning in cheese...although my husbands plate speaks 

This is really easy to make and really satisfies that junk food craving.  
I don' know about you but  I don't miss the days when my hubby and I would hit the drive through at Albertos and split the order of their I get the same fix only none of the guilt or fat! 

Hope you guys enjoy! Please tag me if you decide to try this, I'd love to see your spin on it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Your Year to SHINE

I know a ton of people set out to be healthier in the new year. 
I want to ask you a tough question though... How's it going for you? It's hard right?
 I know it can be for sure!

I'm not saying I have all the answers. 
I'm not saying I can make it easy for you, I'm just saying that I want to help!

I want to provide you with a group that will hold you accountable and keep you motivated! 
This journey is so much easier to be on with like minded people! 

So... Here is what you will get as part of my group:
You’ll receive…

 - A workout program designed to meet your personal goals such as Insanity Max:30,
21 Day Fix, 3-Day Refresh and many more! 

- A simplified portion controlled meal plan that works
You will not starve, or eat tasteless and bland food.  You will learn the basics and the fundamentals of Nutrition!

- The Healthiest Meal of the day! Shakeology!
A nutrition & delicious whole foods shake that can be your breakfast or lunch.
It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry & vegan flavors too

- A private online accountability group for you to check-in with daily filled with folks
on a similar journey

- Me as your personal coach to help you!

Oh, and did I mention - PRIZES!!

If this sounds like something that you need message me or drop your email below in the comments!

There are only a few spots left in this group and we need to nail down what program you
will be doing so don't wait!

To R.S.V.P for the event on Facebook Click HERE 

I'll look forward to talking with you!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Week 2-3 Update and Meal Plan

The first full week of the new year! Monday was the start of many peoples 
New Year Resolution to start getting healthy and fit and you know what that means? 
 Weight and Measurement Day!!

It's a day many dread, I myself was a little worried to be honest with you all. 
 A few more cheat meals than I had hoped, sweets that I just couldn't resist. 
 I knew that if I just kept on with my routine as best I could and my Shakeology daily that I wouldn't repeat my mistakes from last year. 
 (You can read about that 2014 Holiday Weight Gain HERE)

Before the hustle and bustle of the Holidays this year I had just finished up 
my second round of the 21 Day Fix around November.
I lost 6lbs and 2 more inches from my waist! 

But as the days and weeks followed and workouts were skipped 
I krept back up a gain to 162lbs by early December.
In fact I was fluctuating between 162-165lbs every few days.  

While weight loss isn't the main goal anymore, it's really just to be healthy and fit it still doesn't change the fact that these last 20-30lbs that I have left to lose have been my biggest challenge yet! 

My NUTRITION is the KEY and I KNOW IT, I also know that I need to

 I don't just base my progress by what's on the scale, I know I'm stronger, I know my endurance is better but the TRUTH is YOU CAN'T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET!

And when you hit plateaus it's a moment when you need to stop and do a real gut check and ask yourself if YOU really are doing EVERYTHING you can.
The answer is usually NO! 

But I'm human, and one cheat meal can turn into a cheat day or week 
even more so around the Holidays...but not this time! 

I made sure I didn't skip a workout, I made sure I tried to fill myself
with nutritional food whenever I could and when I didn't,
my Shakeology was there to save the day.

My Meal Plan  was pretty simple so I could stay as consistent as possible.
The only thing I didn't get around to making was the Italian Beaked Chicken Breast for Dinner,
 so I did leave it on the menu for next week.

I finished off all my meal prep and had nothing go to waste!
Super stoked about that.
The weekends are tough around here and we tend to cave often and eat out.
Not this weekend!

I made Chicken Fajitas, Fish, Grilled Chicken and Ground Turkey.  I usually just get that far ahead in  the game and then Dinner only takes me a few minutes when grilling up some fresh veggies!

Sick around this week, I'll share all my meals and how I make them fit breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I also discovered something yesterday as I was typing this up...
I did the wrong workouts during week 3...YUP!!
 I did Tabata Power instead of Tabata Strenght...twice!!!

 I also missed 2 workouts because of this cold so  I decided this morning that I would repeat week 3 again starting tomorrow now that I'm feeling better and can actually get through
my workouts without coughing up a lung.  

So I woke this morning and got to work on my Meal Plan and scheduling those wokrouts!
My groups are all set to roll for tomorrow and Meal Prep will start later this afternoon!

What about my Challengers you might ask? 
Well this is their first week of their program, some are still waiting for it to arrive.  
We officially started on the 5th so I'm only about 2 weeks ahead of them on the program. 
 I'll have progress on my Challengers later in the week.  

To be honest the most exciting part of this week was receiving this message from a friend.
It was not expected, but I'll tell you it made my day <3

I've heard it before.... what do Beachbody Coaches know about fitness & nutrition? 
What do Beachbody Coaches know about changing lives? 
Well it's somewhat true, in the beginning I didn't know everything about fitness & nutrition, but I was backed by a company and trainers and programs who did. 
And more importantly I had my OWN journey to share from. 
And my journey continues to this day.

So getting a message like this completely validates everything I do as a coach. 
I may have been mocked at one point about my business or for working out in my living room instead of a gym, but I'm here to tell you that the choice to change, 
the choice to be the best YOU starts from within. 
Not in a gym. 

Congrats my friend!!! You are absolute PROOF that change is beyond just a
physical part with Beachbody.
For me, I have seen a change in me Emotionally, Spiritually and  YES, even financially. 

Thank you so much Amiga for this message <3
It means the world to me, It's messages like this that make this all worth it! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Why Shakeology IS The Healthiest Meal of the Day...

It's the start of a New Year and the weight loss resolutions have already begun! 
 If you are trying to eat healthier but still finding it a bit of a struggle and are considering adding a Meal Replacement shake I strongly recommend that you do your research before you make decision.
 Not just reading the calorie, fat, protein and sugar content either....
The ingredients list will be your key!!

There are so may shakes on the market and they are all not treated the same. 
 Many are filled with GMO's, Soy based and artificial sweeteners. 
 This is ALL the stuff you want to avoid, not add as a daily supplement. 

 Before I tried Shakeology I was a bit skeptical.  YES, I totally was! 
 I have never been a shake girl but then again....I have never been this healthy or this fit in my life. 

Shakeology is more than just a meal replacement shake. It is made with much higher quality ingredients – ingredients that will support a healthy body and safe weight loss.
The shake contains a blend of proteins along with a good combination of vitamins and minerals, all designed to help combat food cravings and keep you energized throughout the day.

One thing I really love about my Shakeology is that it contains prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, as well as digestive enzymes. Far too many of us forget the importance of these for our overall good health. It does you no good to eat the right foods if your body is unable to break them down and digest them as it should. And to be honest, how many of you are really getting your recommend daily servings?
And are you even meeting your nutritional needs?

Shakeology is going to provide a solid dose of antioxidants along with phytonutrients, which will help to detoxify the body and reduce your risk of serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Because this is a protein based drink, it won’t spike blood glucose levels, potentially leading to unwanted weight gain – or the development of diabetes like so many beverage choices today cause.

 Before I started drinking Shakeology I my glucose levels were all over the place, I also had high blood pressure and cholesterol and I was only 29 years old!!!!! 

The first thing I noticed was I felt mentally alert after drinking my shake.
It kept me full, satisfied and is great to nip those naughty cravings in the butt too!

I have made ice cream from a frozen banana and a little scoop of Chocolate Shakeology.
Frozen Ice Pop Treats for the kiddos and my Favorite...
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Shakeology Bites!  

Shakeology is available in 4 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Greenberry.
They also have VEGAN TOO! chocolate and strawberry.

 No matter what your taste preference might be, you’ll be satisfied with this energy boosting drink. 
My favorite by far is the Vanilla for it's versatility on flavor...I can add just about any fruit and it changes the taste like magic.  

I strongly recommend that if you want to succeed with your  weight loss and fitness goals
 that you at the very least have a ‘back up meal’  in place for those busy days
when you just don’t have healthy food with you.  At $3-4 dollars a serving this is a heck of a lot cheaper than your typical drive through and delivers WAAAAY more nutritional value than that rinky dinky Subway Salad... #JustSayin...