Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kicking off December with a BANG!

So how do you kick off a new month after a long Thanksgiving weekend?  
With a little CrossFit that's how!! 
My friend Jazmine invited to Gutwrench CrossFit in Long Beach and I had a total blast!! 
 I've been dying to get into a hard core setting like that but have always been waaay too intimidated to go by myself. Ya know the look you get as a #Newbie but with having a friend there well...instant confidence boost right there.

If you're new to the show here, then you should know  I'm not very fond of gyms, bootcamps or anything really that requires me to have to leave the house...lol 

So programs like Insanity, TurboJam and Piyo have been my go to workouts for the last couple of years. If you've been following me then you know that I have tried just about every program from Hip Hops Abs, Asylum, Combat, Pump...(you get the picture) I really do take my workouts seriously. I push myself, I train hard and never miss more than 1 or 2 days. I eat right (as best I can..lol) and fuel my body daily with Shakeology.  

So how did I do? Well I SMASHED that workout. I hung in there with the coaches and the girls that do this regularly and the BEST part and huge surprise and accomplishment for myself was taking a chance to climb those ropes....I nailed it! To the top...like a #BOSS and got to ring that bell..lol
 I'm pretty sure I was blushing because I honestly didn't expect to make it to the top but I DID!!

In the last 2 years I've never stepped foot in a gym and that day I got to see first hand what I am REALLY capable of. Spartan Race in my future maybe? hmm.....who knows, all I know is that being afraid to try something for fear of failure or looking like a fool is the hardest mind f#$% you can ever put yourself through. Don't be afraid to try something new.....who knows, it may just be what makes you really fly.

Week 1 of December is officially in the books! Weigh ins and pictures have begun for our Coach only Challenge Group and my Kick-Start Your Health Challenge Group.  Progress updates are trickling in and I can't wait to share with you all our 1 week results so stay tuned. 

With the new month of course comes the ever so necessary goal setting! How are you supposed to know what your reaching for if you're not making any goals for yourself?  Just thinking about them isn't enough.  Write them down, think about them, and make your plan so you can stick to them. 

As always, Thanks so much for reading and if you're ready to get in on our next group you  know how to contact me ;) 

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