Sunday, December 28, 2014

Insanity Max30 1 Week Review, Week 2 Meal Plan

Week 1 of Insanity Max30 is in the books! 
It was not easy, let me tell you.  
With the last minute shopping and planning I missed 2 workouts 
but it sort of turned out to go in my favor.  

I received my Max30 the Week before Christmas and we started that Wednesday.  
By Christmas week I was able to catch up those missed workouts and bring us
back to a Monday through Friday Schedule to we can take the weekends off! 

Our food choices weren't too shabby if I say so myself!!  
We started a fitness program in the middle of the Holidays 
and still enjoyed our Christmas splurges.

For Christmas Eve Dinner we kept it simple so we wouldn't have too 
many leftovers and it worked!! 

We had Homemade Pozole, Tamales and this year we went with 
Cheesecake for Dessert instead of Pies.  

We had a nice evening with family 
and I was right back on track the very next day.  
No gorging or binging, something I was notorious for doing in the past.

Best Christmas EVER!!

Why is it the best? 
Because this is by far my healthiest Christmas thus far.  
What I mean by that is, I ate according to my goals.  
I included my workouts on BOTH Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 
and didn't use the "holidays" as an excuse to go all crazy.

And the BEST part my Hubby joined me too!! 

I've come along way from the person I used to be.  
I dreaded the Holidays for one reason and one reason only,
 the weight gain that came with it. 

 It never seemed to fail that right around Halloween I would slowly let things go, 
my workouts, my healthy food choices and before I knew it...BOOM!
 I would put on another 10-15lbs that would take me another 2-3 months to knock out. 

It was a never ending cycle, and some years I just gave up, 
never even attempted to do anything about it.  
It just didn't seem WORTH IT! 

In 2012 right after my son's 1st birthday I looked into his little eyes, 
and realized I could not continue like this for him,
for my daughter, my husband and even myself! 

Right then and there knew I would NEVER let myself FEEL like that again.  

My journey opened up old wounds, and even cut some new ones.  

But I'm cut from a different cloth, I know NOW 
that I'm much more STRONGER 
and my WILL is much more POWERFUL than I ever gave myself credit for.  

Are YOU the one holding yourself back from making a change in your life? 

 If I can do this so can you!! 

Our team also put together a HUGE group of over 100 coaches and challengers
 to start Max30 together.  

The support, the accountability that is going on in this 
team page is nothing short of AMAZING!! 

Having a group of people pushing through the hard times, the holidays, the craziness of life and finding accountability, support and making friends is what is leading us to success. 

 Some stats are already in and they are freaking MIND BLOWING!!! 

I'm moving forward with week 2 on Monday and have already set up my meal plan for the week.  
I know it's another Holiday week but I have already established my goals for 2015
 and will NOT wait until the new year or the new week to start on them.  

That includes starting in the Kitchen! 
The workouts themselves are great, they're challenging and are meant to push you
But the real challenge is what you do for the remaining 23.5 hours of your day. 
You can NOT out exercise a bad diet.

And the good thing about the Deluxe Max 30 kit  is it follows the same
 portion control system that the 21DayFix has only this time 
for ME, I get an extra serving of fruit, veggies and carbs!! 

More food for more fuel, I'll take it!!! 
This made my meal planning for this coming week a cinche! 

 It still not too late to join us!!  

For more info on the our January 5th start date visit the Facebook Invite HERE
You can fill out an Application HERE
Contact me HERE 

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