Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is today and I want to help you navigate the day without 
gaining a gazillion pounds or back tracking on any progress you have made! 

Here are my TOP 5 Tips to Survive Turkey Day . 

1. Get out and Move! Don’t forget to get your workout in! I’ll be getting my workout in nice and early! ;) Or sign up for a Turkey Trot, or play a game of family football (as kids our family would put together Adults vs young adults soccer matches)… or whatever you’re into 

2. Don’t forget to EAT breakfast!!! Don’t think your doing yourself any favors by “saving” your calories for the big meal! By starving yourself you’re more likely to overeat! Just make sure you eat a healthy breakfast! 
3. If you’re indulging in some family favorites and traditions like we are (mmm...tamales...) then watch your portions!! Just take a small scoop and keep on  moving! 
4. If you’re in charge of cooking  make some healthy swaps. This will help save calories and will help you know that at least one dish served has been made a little healthier!

5. Drink your WATER!!! Don’t forget to drink it up!! This will help you feel full faster! 
When you’re FULL… STOP!!! Fight the urge to overeat!!! Don’ drink your calories! 
A cup of egg nog, a glass of punch, or if you drink a glass of wine/alcohol can add hundreds 
of calories and no benefits to helping you feel full …just empty calories! 

Load your plate with mostly white turkey meat and fresh veggies!!

Be SMART!! Stick with the obvious wiser choices. 

Dark Meat 4oz with Canned Jellied Sauce 
White Meat 4oz with 2 Tbsp Homemade Cranberry Sauce. 

Although dark meat is actually not too bad for you, sticking with white meat is just a good way to save some fat and calories. So the winner is White Meat! and stick with homemade cranberry sauce over super processed canned cranberries. 

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Vs. Candied Sweet Potatoes

Generally Sweet Potatoes would win out in a match up such as this, but on Thanksgiving when they’re loaded up with sugar and marshmallows you’re better to stick with that good ol Mash and Gravy! 

Green Bean Casserole Vs. Stuffing

You might want to steer clear of both to be honest, 
but the least naughty of the two and the winner of this battle is Green Bean Casserole.
Corn Bread with Butter Vs. Dinner Roll with Butter

The extra kick of sugar in corn bread makes it the loser in this match up. 
The Winner… stick with the Dinner Roll and Butter 

Pumpkin Pie Vs. Pecan Pie
 Don’t be tricked by the “nuts are so healthy for you” craze that’s going down right now! Although Pecans are good for you the mass amounts of Corn Syrup make pecan pie a LOSER! Stick with Pumpkin Pie and you’ll fair much better if you’re going indulge in dessert! 

Above ALL just remember that if you do over indulge don’t beat yourself up!
 Get right back into it the next day… Don’t stretch it out into an extended stay of gluttony ;) 

Hope you have an AMAZING Thanksgiving!!! 

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