Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Excuses November Challenge Group

Who is feeling the post Halloween sugar blue? 
You know that feeling...Lethargic...Bloated and more Tired than usual. 
Maybe even nauseous from overdoing it this weekend?

Are you scared of having no control over the upcoming holidays?
Lets ring in the New Year 10 lbs lighter?!
Not feeling confident at your Holiday party dress? 
Tired of the yo yo dieting and want to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle but just don't know how?
Lack the motivation to get started?
Tomorrow, I am going to start a 4 week No Excuses November Bootcamp.

Most of my groups are 30-60 days and require the purchase of Shakeology or a Beachbody Program 


 You will get access to MY PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP for 4 weeks at no additional cost.


Do you have an old fitness program collecting dust?

Maybe a gym membership that hasn't been used in a while or you're ready to take your fitness to the outdoors and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather on a run or jog in the park. 

I am opening up ONLY 5 more spots in this group. 

I will teach you how to meal plan, meal prep, provide healthy holiday recipes, tips while traveling, daily support, and 1:1 accountability!

Plus, how about ringing in the New Year 10-20 pounds lighter then you are now?

Comment below, or contact me for more information.

Get yourself a plan to get you through the Holidays!