Monday, November 24, 2014

21 Day Fix Round 2 Final Results

I know I have been putting off this post off for what seems like forever.  
To be real honest I had rough 3rd week finsihing out the Fix with Halloween goodies in my house.  I buckled down the last couple of weeks and felt it was worth sharing not just my 21 Day Fix results but also share my progress thus far since I started my journey back in November 2013 

I took the middle photo 2 weeks ago. I have lost a total of 62lbs and God knows how many inches.  From a tight fitting size 18 to a size 8 now and shrinking.   It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I've had to make difficult decisions not just when it comes to food and exercise but also with the company I keep... I'm so blessed to have found supportive and loving friends along this journey, not just my Beahcbody Family.

Being so honest about my struggles has left the door open for strangers, friends and even family to try to knock me down, to my face, behind my back...doesn't matter how...but ultimately it's 
YOU that has to make the decision to keep going
 EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  and the sooner you realize this the better! 

I lost a total of 6lbs on this second round of the 21 Day Fix and finally broke my plateau.  
I've been bouncing around in the 160's for months...168, 165, 163, ugh so frustrating at times. 
Up and down, up and down.   I'm the type that has to follow her meal plan to a T to see and feel the progress.  One cheat can throw me off real quick.  The biggest reason I Love the fix so much is it allows for structure while also being flexible and sensible when it comes to 'treats'.  These are my results after my second round.  Which I have to admit, week 3 was not a good week with my food choices.  I started to feel a little over confident and slacked off a bit.  

My starting weight was 164lbs give or and I finished the 3rd week at 158lbs.  I lost about 2 inches in my waist .  Again not much of a difference in my arms and legs this time inches...But the amount of muscle I put on my legs and the definition is INCREDIBLE thus far!!
 I don't know whether to thank Autumn or Chalene because I have been doing PiYo 2-3 times a week because I also teach this format. 

All I know is my legs have NEVER looked this good and this CUT before.  I have NEVER been this FIT and I have NEVER been this COMMITTED to my goals.  Yes, I still have weight to loose, about 20lbs give or take and it's all in what seems like my mid section.  Do I dwell on it? Why the heck would I? I love the progress I am seeing and while yes i have loose skin, belly fat and stretch marks I also know that more consistent and the more I challenge myself both physically and mentally the better off I am...Abs or no Abs t I'm still in a much better place these days. 

Mind, Body and Spirit <3 

I hope my words helped shine some light your way.  If you're struggling with your own weight or need help and direction or just some Accountability then contact me! Let's connect and make your dreams a reality.  

Remember, it's not about being better than anyone. It's about working towards your goals and your happiness while learning to enjoy the journey there. 


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I too am one of those people that has to be 100% perfect or I don't see results, and my second round progress is definitely much slower. I'm very close to your weight and its hard for me not to get discouraged when I'm not seeing the inches coming off as easily.

    1. I'm so glad that it helped Juliet! Yup! My food choices have to be spot on for me to see some real changes and KEEP If I go back to some bad snack habits I put it right back on and always in my mid section...why can't it go to my boobs? hahaha Although I have noticed some new muscles in my arms, legs and back so It's pretty amazing to see the changes in other areas. My mentality has shifted a bit too, I have learned that striving for Progress is much more sensible than striving for Perfection. Thanks for stopping by!