Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lobster Cocktail with Mini Won Ton Tostadas

Fresh Caught Lobster Anyone? Seriously pays to have a Diver in the family.  
Lobster Season just opened and my hubby brought home a great catch.  

Yes, I dive also but I have yet to attempt to catch these "BUGS" and they aren't easy to snatch up either especially at night.  I won't be attempting any of that quite yet.  
I love diving but obviously not enough to try and mess with  those guys.   

The one on the right was huge! 
Enough for leftovers the second day...I may of even had if for Dinner too ;)

I tried to keep the dish clean by  not using real fried tostadas.  
I was also out of corn tortillas ( yeah needed a grocery trip bad that ) 
So instead I used some won ton wrappers I had in the freezer.  
Took them out while I was chopping and boiling
 and just got them all toasty on the comal...(it's a tortilla skillet) 


1 Lobster (obviously you can use shrimp too)
1-2 Tomatoes depending on size
1/4  Onion
Cucumber (not pictured - I ran out)
1-3 Limes or Lemons
1 Avocado
Ketchup (Optional)
Tapatio Hot Sauce


1. I ripped the heads of the Lobster and cleaned out the poop shoot...yeah I totally just typed that.  Washed them up and threw in a pot of boiling water until I could see the meat turn that gorgeous coral/pinkish color.  My husband has been diving for years so I eyeball them now...mad skillz I also cut a up a little garlic and onion. ( I use that for everything!) 
NOTE: Try pink Himalayan Salt!

2.Chop up all your veggies! I was missing my beloved cucumber.  I used it all up with lemon and salt for snacks earlier in the week.  The Lobster catch was unplanned but I had to eat it fresh :) 

3.Ketchup is totally optional! You could make this like ceviche and not add it but I LOVE SHRIMP COCKTAILS so YES i used some Ketchup.  I barely used a 1/4 cup for the entire batch and there were more than 3 servings that I made out of it.  You can also use organic ketchup if your watching your sugar, gmo's and other added  I really try to stay away  as much as I can from all that garbage but I'm a flexible clean eater obviously. 
This is what it all looked like once I measured it all out into my 21 Day Fix Containers.  
Half the lobster fit in my red container and ALL the veggies I chopped fit in the Green.
 I did have to chop up more veggie but that's optional.

The LARGE Bowl I made had the following containers:

1 large lobster tail = 2 Red Containers
2 med-large tomatoes + 1/4 Onion (cucumbers options) = 2 Green Containers 
1/2 Med Avocado = 1 Blue (added it in fresh )
6 Won Ton Wrappers = 1 Yellow

My lunch serving was 1 Red, 1/2 Blue, 1/2 Green, 1 Yellow.

This was really YUMMY!! 
I encourage to give it a go even if it's just with shrimp.  
You can control what you put in it and how much.  
Trying to eyeball your containers at a restaurant just won't be the same.  
You can't control the seasoning or how fresh it really is.

If you give this a try Tag me on Facebook or Instagram I'd love to see how it turns out! 

Again, thanks for readying! Hope you ENJOY! 

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