Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Healthier Halloween Spooky Treats

Happy Halloween!!

Not going to lie but I'm really excited about today.  
My kids are old enough now to really get a kick out this 'holiday'
 and I just know the evening is going to be filled with goodies, 
treats and probably upset tummies!

Since we've already dipped into the Candy Stash enough as it is
 I decided I would fill the kids up with some healthier treats before heading out tonight.
I made these last year and the kids loved them.  Ok, my son may have looked at the Monster Apple Bites and the Carrot Fingers and ran off  but after he picked
 the yogurt drops and sunflower seeds off the Boo-Nanas he ate em all up! 

What you will need: 

Chocolate chips for eyes and mouth 
( I used yogurt drops and sun flower seeds)
Peanut Butter
Sliced Almonds


I used an apple slicer and put peanut butter to hold the yogurt drops in place for teeth.  
I also used yogurt drops for the eyes on the banana and added a little 
black icing just to finish off the eyes on the banana.  
Peanut Butter is also holding the sliced almonds in place as finger nails for the baby carrots. 

I also plan to make these mummy apples! 
So easy and I know my daughter will get a kick out of them. 

 Here is another great idea! 
Take a black sharpie or pen and get to doodling on those cuties!
SO adorable right?!

How about these Ninja Turtles? Cute right?

So easy to make and you can even look in the baking section at your local 
grocery store and find the little eyes to save you some time for those mummies. 
  I really do think the Ninja Turtles are way cuter!! 

I hope you enjoyed these healthier options. 
 They're quick, easy and tasty too! 

My how the times have changed.  
Two years ago we had a Halloween Birthday Party Theme  for my son's 1st Birthday and 
ALL the treats I made were the polar opposite of what you would see in my home today! 
I went all out on this day with candy, cookies and even Pinata's filled with junk! 

I was up all night making Frankenstein pops, 
labels for the cupcake making station, endless  amount of witch finger cookies, 
Rice Kristie treats shaped like ghosts and bats, and Oreo Cookie Mummies up the wazoo! 

There was candy for DAYS, and All of this AFTER HALLOWEEN. 
I'm sure all the parents were thanking me

I don't see a party quite like that in our near future that's for sure!
 But it sure did make for some great memories!! 

I hope you all have a SAFE & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 

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