Wednesday, October 15, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 1 Progress Update & Week 2 Meal Guide

Week 2 is off to a great start! The girls have checked in with me and while we currently have a total of 15lbs lost within the fist week between 5 challengers with only 4 checking in with their progress I think we are doing fantastic! Not everyone is doing the #21DayFix I also some girls continuing on with PiYo and others are just simply choosing to drink their Shakeolgoy along with an active lifestyle.  Whatever floats your boat and keeps you engaged ladies!! 

So week 1 is officially in the books! My girls did terrific! I'm so proud of them!
For me personally I had some fantastic results as well considering we celebrated my husband's 35th birthday with a couple of drinks and some family over for a BBQ over the weekend.
 But that's life remember, always something happening.
I stuck to my 21 Day Fix Containers as best as I could,
and made sure to follow my workouts along with my challengers.   

 I finally broke that ugly plateau and weighed in on Sunday Morning at 158lbs.  
Pretty jazzed about that myself but even better was having the 
girls check in with their progress as well! 

Stuff like this makes me so unbelievably happy!! Especially  Making it a family affair is the best way to not only stick to your goals but to get your family on board with it too.  What a great way to teach our little ones the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

I have women from all ages, shapes and fitness levels in the group. 


Not everyone is going to find the workouts easy and that is totally ok, Like I said some girls have chosen to skip certain workouts and try other activities like hiking and bike riding.  I am ok with ALL of that.  What I'm not ok with is giving up on your dream.  You want it?  Then YOU need to Hustle and work for it! 

There is no magic secret here, you work hard, eat right and stay consistent and you will see results.  But you must also be willing to step out of your comfort zone.  While I'm proud of my challengers for sticking to their healthy choices I also encourage them to push past their comfort zone and even if the videos seem challenging and you look like a goof ball...WHO CARES!! you're in your own home for goodness  If you have to do every single move in that video as a modifier then DO IT!! That day will come when you can increase the weights and no longer have to be on your knees to do a push up, TRUST ME <3 

Here is the meal plan I shared with my group this week.  Keeping it real simple guys, why make it harder on yourself.  I stick to fresh fruits and veggies for snacking and the rest just seems to fall into place and when it doesn't I just try a little harder the next day.  

I do have a Lobster Cocktail with Won Ton Wrappers as Mini Tostadas and a 
Turkey Albondigas Recipe to share for you all this week so please stay tuned :)  

As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feel free to add or follow me me on any of the social media sites you prefer.  Stay tuned for more of  our #21DayFixAdventures

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