Sunday, October 5, 2014

21 Day Fix Round 2, Week 1 Meal Plan

Hello October!!!!I still can't believe it's Fall, although the current temperatures
that we've been having here in So Cal are not Fall like at all!!  It has been so HOT out here that we took advantage over the weekendand squeezed in a Family Beach Day.

The kids loved it and we got to take a little break from
the never ending madness that is Housework and Chores.    

I finished my week off strong with not just my workouts but my food choices.
 It's been a tough week I will tell you that.  With my PiYo classes being so late I drive passed fast food the whole way home and am just fighting the urge to stop and pick something up "real quick" but I have stayed real strong especially going into my second round of the 21 Day Fix.  

It is not too late to join us!
If you currently own the Fix and are not getting the support and accountability that you need I FIRST and foremost Suggest that you reach out to your coach!
If you don't have one or are not happy with the one you are working with (or lack there of) then please contact me to discuss your goals and enrollment options. 

Here is my weekly meal guide for the week.  
Some things may change here and there because things do come up. 
 But for the most part this is what I have planned for myself. 

Well there you have it! Nothing fancy right?
  Meal prep for this week will be broken down into 2 nights.  Monday Morning and Wednesday Evening.  These are the days and times that work the best for me.  I love Sunday Meal Prep but find that it forces me to take time away from my Family.  So we spend the day resting, enjoying each others company and planning/scheduling events and things to do for the week ahead.  

You can find the recipes for most of my Lunch and Dinners in the Eats and Treats Tab.   
Tomorrow I will make the Ground Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers, Chicken for my Salads and the Shredded Chicken I'll need for my Enchiladas.  I'll have that recipe to share NEXT WEEK! 

Tuesday is a new recipe I'm going to try and share with you.
I'm making shrimp scampi with veggie noodles.  I  bought a VEGGETTIE at Walmart and seriously CAN NOT WAIT to try it!! 

If you have any questions about the meal plan or any of the recipes don't hesitate to contact me :)


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