Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan, 7 Day Challenge

This Monday is the start of my  Happier and Healthier Me Challenge Group if you
haven't asked to request to join the group, feel free to do so HERE It's FREE and only 7 Days!  I can't wait to get started.  If you're ready to give it go, be sure to send me a friend request on Facebook for some added support and motivation. The group is up and ready to go!
I just finished creating my meal plan for the week and wanted to share. 

The E-book explains step by step on how to calculate your calorie needs and guess what,
 exactly what I'm supposed to shoot for according to most websites and my servings are similar to the the 21 Day Fix.  Guess there is no real magic here besides the obvious right ;)

This is the Meal Plan I created for myself for the coming week. 

I will make grilled chicken, plenty for myself and also lunch for my husband.  Because I am a stay at home mom I do make breakfast just about every morning but it takes me just a few minutes, while I brew our coffee and get myself organized for the day I whip up breakfast.  My hubby is super easy, he's a breakfast sandwich or burrito kinda guy so I never have any guess work really.  I throw veggies in those eggs and sometimes left over steak or chicken from dinner or my meal prep.  I pack his lunch too!  He takes his Shakeology to go along with a coffee and I pack him either a salad or sandwich.  I put all the toppings in a tiny container on the side to nothing gets soggy and throw in an apple, banana or whatever else I have ready.  I'll pre cook any more meat or quinoa.

I myself keep it simple for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with veggies or plain avocado, steel cut oats with fruit and maybe some honey, an open faced sandwiches.  Check out the Eats and Treats Tab for more goodies.  I keep the portions small because I do have my Shakeology daily.  On the days I teach class I tend to eat a little more in the morning to power me through the long day.  The biggest goal here is to really just avoid the processed food.
\Look at all the food, the color, the variety and still with room to spare.
I know it's easy to grab a quick meal on the go but with a little planning you can make it work for you and your family.

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of this challenge so if you are new to 
Meal Prep I encourage you take a look around on Pinterest, Google or even check out some of meal prep posts HERE.  I don't make fancy meals, I just keep it simple and yummy because if I don't, it usually leads to the drive thru for us...True Story!   

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need help getting started on your health and fitness journey.  Don't forget if you're in the Buena Park are come check out a live PiYo class with me!! Promise you'll have fun!!

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