Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Myths about Shakeology

How many of you think or have thought Shakeology is just a protein shake or even worse...JUST a weightless meal replacement...(raises hand) Then I encourage you to read this great post: 

I have been a Beacbody customer for years...10 to be exact.. I am not a gym girl, or into sports, I suck terribly...sorry! I loved dance but being overweight made me even more embarrassed to attend classes. So for me Beachbody was my solution THEN and NOW. #Turbogirlforlife but then I got married, had babies, and WOA! times had changed. Yes I tried to eat healthy, I gave up soda, sweets and fast food. Not completely but enough to know that I needed something MORE. I saw Shakeology while browsing around the site for a new fitness program. I, just like many took one look at the price and hit that big red X on the right hand corner of the screen...#Truestory But after MANY failed attempts at juicing, and trying my own concoctions to get all my days nutrients I figured it was worth taking the time to look into and I'm so glad I did! I tried it, for two months, and was hooked. Best decision ever! And as a coach I get it for $3 dollars a day. Regularly $4.40 a day. But that's your latte, or happy hour, or a quick grab and go. 

This is very, very doable and I realized how this was MY solution. 

The initial investment in myself has paid me back tenfold. Not just physically, but mentally and even financially. My life really did change the moment I decided to try Shakeology.  I encourage to take leap of faith, at $3.00-$4.00 per shake it's worth a shot! 

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