Thursday, September 4, 2014

3 Day Refresh Update

Okay so a couple weeks I posted on my Facebook that the Hubby and I were going to
start our 3 Day Refresh.  It was a little spontaneous because they arrived weeks ago and were just sitting there at my desk waiting for me and my hubby to decide to start it...So instead of  putting it off another week we just jumped on it and decided to give it ago.  Seemed simple enough, I read the program guide and very quickly realized where we would have the most difficulty.  We are meat eaters, we love our chicken, fish and steak.  But we figured with our crummy eating habits lately especially with our 5 year wedding anniversary that had passed we knew it was in our best interest to do it anyways.  Just 3 days right, what could go wrong?  

I've only done the Shakeology 3 day cleanse before but the 3 Day Refresh was created to give you more fiber and other essential nutrients your body needs while doing such a cleanse.  I found them to be very similar in how you plan your day. You have 3 shakes a day accompanied by healthy fresh whole food snacks like fruits, veggies and nuts.  The only big difference in the refresh is there is no meat...none...umm...We are carnivores and I will be very honest, by Day 2 I was feeling really unsatisfied with a bowl filled with veggies all day long.  Stir fry or plain it just wasn't enough to keep me focused.  Remember, this is a cleanse so YES sacrifices and will power should be on the top of you priority if you decide to try this.  But also understand that just because this wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean that it can't be you.  Like I mentioned there are certain things to be expected with this's called a CLEANSE for a reasons. 

I thought the fiber and the vanilla refresh were doable, as in not a super nasty taste in your mouth.   I made it to day 2 but after my PiYo class on Day 3 I was done, I was hungry and borderline starving, I NEVER let myself get that hungry and I needed and wanted some more than what the refresh could offer me by staying to the guidelines.  Please understand that I am used to eating 1600-1700 give or take per day, I exercise vigorously and the calories I was consuming on the cleanse just were not enough to keep be fueled.  I was getting a little lightheaded after my classes and was very absent minded.  It doesn't change the fact that the program is filled with great meal tips and recipes. 

Would I do this cleanse again? ABSOLUTELY!! 
I lost 4lbs and almost 2 inches!!  I not only felt better, but that yucky BLOAT WAS GONE!! 
I looked and felt like I had swallowed a basket ball before the 

I will definitely plan SMARTER and more accordingly next time.   Like I said, towards the end of the night on Day 2 is when I really felt like my body just needed more fuel for all the activity I put my body through those days.  I did not complete Day 3 as I had another class to prepare for and teach. 
 I am still super happy with my results! 

SO was this a total loss or waste of time? NOPE, not at all.  
It helped kick start me for the weeks to follow and I've been doing great since then.
 I've even lost another 2 lbs. since then, I Just weight  myself this morning.

So what about my husband who decided to the cleanse right along with me?
  Well he only made it to Day 2 also.  My husband is not a veggie matter what I've tried in the past, even adding bacon to asparagus he still won't eat 
 He does love his Vanilla Shakeology every morning with his breakfast though ;) 

 But as a scuba instructor and having a class on his 1st day of the refresh I could tell we getting hungry the evening.  I can only imagine how much his body was asking for more food the next morning, diving takes so much out of you.  Just like me on Day 2 he was starting to feel a little sick and light headed.  
With another class schedule for the the next day I didn't pressure him to finish 
Day 3 and made him his regular breakfast... I'm sure he was happy about that. 

 What's great about trying this together is my hubby and I have talked more about incorporating more Vegan meals and really making a bigger effort to avoid the fast food as much as possible.  We can be lazy too and hit up the Farmer Boys down the street, but we try a little harder now not to.  

Would I recommend this to anyone else? Yes, of course, I was totally satisfied with my results, I learned a few new things not just in the kitchen but about myself and my will power.  Would I do this often, probably not.  I'm trying to stay consistent with my eating and exercise and learn to work around vacations.  I took our anniversary as a free for all and paid for it with cravings, guilty feelings, and stressing myself out over the weight gain.  I do feel the refresh helped me get back on track and regain my focus on where I was a couple months ago. 

For me my real goal is to get through life, holidays, vacations just like any other day, continue to make time for my workouts and make sure I'm eating to fuel my body not satisfy a craving.  
Vacations, Kids, life in general can really throw you off track, it's realizing this and choosing to make better decisions in that moment, not on a Monday or the following Month. 

 I hope this review (or my ramblings) helped  you making a decision on whether to give the refresh a try.  I've seen some great results in our team, AMAZING at that and throughout the success stories on the TeamBeachbody site.  Do what you feel would work best for you.
  What do you have to lose, besides the obvious few lbs and inches :) 

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