Monday, September 22, 2014

21 Day Halloween Trim Down Food & Fitness Challenge

The summer was ... well... tough when it comes to fitness and clean eating!! 
There were so many temptations.  Between Vacations, parties and just simple BBQ's with friends and family it was not easy making the most health conscious choices.

 I didn't lose any weight but I also didn't gain any so I'll still take it as a WIN for me.  
Plenty of non scale victories were still met but I really could not have done it without the basics I learned from the 21 Day Fix . 

With the holidays fast approaching, 
it's time to get a little more serious and buckle down once again.
Luckily for me it's as simple as busting out my 21 Day Fix containers. 
And of course pushing play.  30 minutes a day and that's it!! That simple.  

The last time I did the 21 Day Fix the hubby and I both had some great results.
You can read more about it HERE If you'd like.

I lost almost 9lbs, and my hubby lost 11lbs
and we've been able to keep it off since then...ok, well sort 
Getting back on track is much easier now a days I'll tell you that.

So in honor of the upcoming Halloween celebrations
 I decided My Next Fitness Challenge group will start on October 6th!!!

Just in time to help get you costume ready this Halloween!!!

Here is the good news! 
The Challenge pack has been reduced to $140. 
That essentially makes the 21 Day Fitness Program 
only $10 when you purchase a 30 day supply of Shakeology!

#1. The full 21 day fitness program 
(you get to keep that)!

#2. The color coded eating system so that 
you have no room to fail and you're going to scorch the body fat!

#3. Support and accountability from 
a team of coaches, myself and fellow challengers. 

#4. A 30 day supply of a super dense dose of daily nutrition 
that will help you with cravings and control hunger. 

You all know how much I love my Shakeology, my kids and husband drink it! It's a staple in the house like fruits, veggies, bread, milk and eggs. Must haves!!
 Super Dense Nutrition that everyone enjoys! 

Remember, Shakeology replaces one meal a day. 
What are you paying for lunch or coffee now? 
For only $3-4.66 a serving (depending on enrollment) 
Why on earth would you say no to an investment in your health like that?

And here is the BEST NEWS...It's not only in ENGLISH  but you can also get it in SPANISH on Sale until the end of the month!!  As usual you are welcome to choose any other challenge pack Beachbody offers (you can check out the "choose your challenge pack" tab above) But with this one being discounted for the  month and being one of the easiest meal plans I have yet to follow I had to designate a special group just for the FIX!

So if you're ready to get serious please RSVP HERE and we can chat more about your goals and Challenge Pack options.  You can also fill out my Challenge Group Application HERE.

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