Saturday, August 16, 2014

Challenger Update; Fit at any Age!

I have a great progress update that I'm so proud to share today.  A couple weeks ago I shared  with you Tami's progress with her first couple of weeks doing PiYo.   You can read more about it HERE.  Well last week Tami officially finished her first 30 days and sent me her side by side shots.  Of course with her permission I asked her if I could share them on my blog.  Of course she said YES, she's always a team player! Thank you! 


In the last 30 days Tami has lost a total of 10lbs and 14.5 inches! That's fantastic! She not only does her PiYo right on schedule to the best of her ability but goes out hiking weekly with her sister.  I find her to be so motivating and inspiring in my eyes.  I hear from so many women how they are too tired to workout, or too ahem..."old"..errr...I hate using that word really because my own mom has used it and I have to keep reminding her and many others that you are never too old or too young for that matter to take control of your health.

Here are Tami's 30 day progress photos: 

This woman right here is living proof that age is not a barrier, the only barrier is the one you put in your mind! But I can not take all the credit for this though.  Tami has lost 100lbs on her own which is something to be incredibly proud of.  But she was still struggling with some of her food choices and needed help with accountability and asked to join my PiYo Challenge Group.  She got her Shakeology and PiYo in the mail the following week and got to work! 
I became a coach for this very reason, I needed to  be held accountable for my actions and knowing I have a group of women working for the same things adds even more value to my goals.  I've said it before, your goals become my  goals but YOU have to put in the work.  I can only give you the tools, guidance and need to do the rest.   

So how is Tami doing?  She's moving onto month 2 of PiYo and beaming with light and confidence.  I'm so incredibly humbled and honored to work with women like her.  When I asked her about her thoughts and her progress she sent me the most heart warming message.  The best  part, I received it on a day I need it the most.  This job is hard, not everyone believes what I do a s Beachbody Coach can be "life changing" but it is.  You open yourself up to judgement and criticism from others and not everyone can see the value in what I as a coach or Beachbody as a whole can offer.  This is no quick fix, no gimmick, it's real people, making real life changes for their health, for their families and making a real change just by paying it forward.   I am not a sleazy sales person trying to get you to spend your hard earned money on a something worthless.  Beachbody, the fitness programs, the community, the personal development, and YES even Shakeology have changed my life, my health and from the looks of it, it's also helping Tami.  This makes every  minute spent creating meal plans, challenge groups and every NO worth it <3 

This is the message I received from Tami:
"Things I have observed since starting PiYo: At first, I could not do any of the unmodified moves, and some I could not even do that! Now I can do about half of the moves, unmodified! There are still some I can not do even modified, but I do try every time, then move on.

Now the BIG STUFF: I have long had an obsession with sweets and junk food. I would have obsessive thoughts about going to the store and getting sweets, talk myself out of it, only to give in EVERY time, in the end buying even more than I set out to. I would tell myself I was only going to have 1, or 1 serving, but would end up eating the whole thing in a short amount of time, often times the same night. It was a vicious cycle of obsessing, justifying, giving in, eating myself senseless and then beating myself up. Even so, I got active, ate better, and lost over 100 pounds. But I still felt like a failure, a crazy, sugar-obsessed failure, because sugar still ruled my thoughts, emotions and life. 

Since starting PiYo, I have had ONE craving, and satisfied it with an ice pop I had in the freezer. WHAAAAAT? WOW! Now, I AM eating very well, too-but I was doing that before and still had the obsession. I believe, for me, PiYo is the key. My energy level has gone up so much: the more invested I am in exercising, the more energy I have. I sleep well, find myself more outgoing, and mentally clearer than ever. Thank-you, Marianna Corvera, for throwing me what has turned out to be a lifeline! I am so grateful." 

No Tami, I am grateful to you! For trusting me, for putting your faith in me, but most importantly for believing in yourself.  You are living proof that you and only YOU have the power to change your life, and each decision you make each and every day proves how important your health is to you.  For that, I am humbled and honored to be a part of your journey.

This is why I take time out of my day to share my personal journey, my struggles and my successes.  It's not about selling you a shake and some DVD.  It's about helping you find balance in life.  I'm not perfect nor do I ever claim to be.  Each day gives you a new opportunity for growth. The day I decided to invest in my health properly and push myself to be better, live better and do better I saw a change in all the other areas of my life that also needed improving.  Part of this is personal growth, not just a number on a scale.  Beachbody and these challenge groups helped give me the tools and the guidance to find the confidence to know I can change my life and live it by design.   Are you going to keep waiting for the right time or are you finally going to make the time to change your life?  

As always thank you so much for reading <3 and I would love it if you shared your thoughts, or this post if you found it at all inspiring.  If you want to know more about PiYo or one of my challenge groups message me on any of the social networks that works for you :) 

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