Saturday, July 5, 2014

Join my next PiYo Challenge!

Now that Summit is over and the dust has settled it's time to get back to business.  I spent most of the first week really trying to recover and catch up on my mommy duties.  Someone has to feed these Luckily for me my hubby was on board with some clean eating and picking up with the 21 Day Fix before my PiYo Challenge Group Officially starts on the 14th.  He's already down 7lbs...MEN!! I'm am still holding steady with my weight and I'm ok with that.  I'm focusing on keeping those portions under control .

But in between the madness that is our life I have been squeezing in some PiYo.  So what is PiYo...It's Chalene Johnson's new home fitness program that was released at Coach Summit and I snagged myself my very own copy!

It's all low impact and easy on the joints.  Think Yoga and Pilates with a funky twist. In the rush of losing weight and wanting to get toned and build that muscle we tend to forget to give our bodies a little T.L.C and this program is perfect for it!

PiYo is completely focused on isolating muscles without using impact using your own body weight, what does that jumping or high impact moves.  There is also a modifier and the camera angles make it much easier to follow.

The meal plan is very similar to the 21 Day Fix, it is very easy to follow and dialed in.  PiYo is fantastic for someone who wants to lose weight while building strength.  It is also incredible for someone who has injuries or is a beginner.

I started the program a little early to get a feel for the workouts.  I'm certified in this format so I'm very familiar with it.  But when a new program comes out, I find it's best to check it out myself and be able to give my customers and coaches a more detailed review.  I love Beachbody and they're programs only get better over the years.  This one is no different!  In fact I challenged my group to stop, drop and plank in my love for

The first video I did was Align: The Fundamentals.  Think of it as a "How To" or "Instructional" video.  Chalene goes over all the basic moves, talks you through proper form, alignment, and technique with all 3 stages of beginner, intermediate and advanced moves.  It's 45 minutes but not an intense 45 minutes.  It took a while before I broke a sweat but if you are new to this, then you are going to find this to be beneficial for you.

Day 2-3 were Upper and and Lower body.  About 30 minutes each video, and it was a good burn.  I learned some new moves and like that you can wear your shoes for a better grip.  You can see a better video Here that I shared on my Facebook.  Feel free to follow me, I post my daily workouts and share my food there too!

I jumped around a bit and got a feel for the other workouts and let me tell you.  You are going to LOVE IT!! It's challenging and makes you work up quite the sweat for a program that requires no jumping or the typical HiiT stuff you expect from Beachbody programs.  I can't wait to get started on the 14th with this baby!! My group is already filling up fast so if you want to take advantage of getting this $70 fitness program for $10 with the purchase of Shakeology in a Challenge Pack then lets GO! We start the 14th and it's not too late! 

As an added incentive, if you purchase before the holiday weekend, you can get PiYo for FREE! I will give you a rebate for this or a future purchase if you lock in your spot by Sunday Night!

Shakeology is normally $129 for a 30 day supply.  It's the healthiest meal of the day and it replaces 1 meal at $4.35 a serving.  That's your lunch, up front and ready for you.  It's the healthiest meal of the day and has done wonders for my health.  Not just mine, but you see my hubby is a fan too! 

With this challenge group you will also receive:
  • Dialed in Meal plan with shopping list
  • Private Accoutability Group
  • Me as your Coach and several others on the same mission as you.  
  • A chance to win the Beachbody Challenge Cash Prize?
  • Did I mention it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! 

What are you waiting for? A sign? For the moon and stars to perfectly align?  There is never a good time, life is crazy, it's busy and full of surprises.  Now is the time to get your health on check!  This is it! Join me and 5 other beautiful ladies who have taken the challenge with me.  To fill out the Challenge Group Application Click HERE and I will contact you with further instructions.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I'm here to help and would to see you through on this journey! 

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