Thursday, July 10, 2014

PiYo- Prepping for Day 1

 I bet you're asking yourself.  What is this PiYo thing I keep hearing about? Well If you didn't catch my last post about PiYo check it out HERE.  If you did, then awesome!! I'm getting ready to prep for my first PiYo Challenge Group and thought I'd share a little more details about the program itself.   The nutrition plan is fool proof, but it is not effortless – NO diet is! And it is not a miracle either if that's what you're looking for.  If you want it to work, then YOU will need to put in the work and YOU are the one who will determine your success. YOU need to make smart food choices most of the time. YOU need to decide EVERY SINGLE DAY if you will keep moving (however imperfectly) toward your goals or if today is the day you will give up.  So how does this work.  

Step 1. First we start my calculating your target for weight loss , just as in any successful diet plan, you must eat at a deficit to lose weight. That means eating slightly less than your body needs each day, without going so low in calories that you burn muscle tissue for energy or lower your metabolism. Here is the simple formula  that comes in your PiYo Challenge Pack.  Plug in your numbers. (Please see the official PiYo Get Lean Eating Plan for all details.)

The PiYo eating guide listed two important tips, which I found extremely helpful and realistic:
  1. If your CALORIE TARGET is less than 1200, round up to 1200.
  2. The numbers are approximate so don’t stress about hitting an exact calorie amount.
Step 2. Beachbody has four different plans, based on the calorie target you calculated. Plan A is the lowest number of calories (1200 to 1399) and Plan D has the highest (1800 calories or more).  I personally fall under plan B. 
I love that you calculate your own unique calorie needs because obviously a larger woman or a man needs to eat more than a small woman. If your maintenance calories are 3000 per day and you cut back to 1200, you are essentially starving. A 600 calorie deficit is pretty significant (you will lose approximately 1-1/2 pounds of fat per week), but not extreme. Go Beachbody!

Step 3. Choose the Foods YOU want to ear from the food lists. You are given a list of healthy, wholesome, “real” foods to choose from. At the same time, you have the flexibility to eat what YOU want. Have you ever tried following someone else’s diet plan with pre-written menus? It can be challenging for those of us who are dietary free spirits. The PiYo Get Lean Eating Plan gives you FREEDOM.  Freedom means you will have less chances to make a naughty mistake with any cravings.  
  • Primary veggies (leafy greens and low calorie veggies)
  • Secondary veggies and grains (starches like potatoes, rice, oatmeal, tortillas, quinoa, etc.)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Lean protein
  • Healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, cheese)
  • Free foods (don’t get too excited – we’re talking herbs, seasonings and unsweetened coffee)
The food lists show you exactly how much of a food equals a portion so there is no calorie counting or guesswork involved. Most of the portions are sized using measuring cups and spoons, but a few list amounts in ounces. A simple food scale can take care of this.

The PiYo  meal plan gives you one sample day of menus, so you are really on your own to come up with meal plans for the week. This is both a plus and a minus in my book. I like planning my meals because I choose foods that taste good, that fill me up, and that satisfy me. However, someone new to clean eating or meal planning might need a little help. There are some people who actually WANT to be told what to eat. I can’t relate at all, but these people do exist. So if you’re a newbie to meal planning then now is the time to learn. If you need help check out my meal prep tips post I did a while back  HERE or message me with any questions.  

My next PiYo group starts this Monday July 14th and all spots are already filled.  I will have updates and progress posted on the blog so be sure to follow.  If you want to join me for my next challenge please fill out the following Challenge Group Application and I'll contact you to chat more about your goals.

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