Monday, July 28, 2014

PiYo Challenge Group Update

My PiYo Challenge Group is going into their 3rd week and I have some great news from two of my girls in the group.  One of which is my MOM!! I am so proud of her for taking the next step in her health.  She has always been my number one supporter in life and this time I'm so blessed to feel like I can finally give my mom the support she needs in something I know has been difficult for her for a long time.  

After a knee injury that required surgery a couple years ago my mom hasn't been able to go on her jogs like she used to without experiencing pain.  She had been making such good progress and was so proud that she was finally a "runner" and then the injury set her back.  A few months after seeing  what Shakeology was doing for my health my mom decided to give it a GO.  She didn't work out, and she didn't always eat the greatest but she did stay committed to healthier choices when she could and she made sure to have her daily dose of dense nutrition. I use those words because that's exactly what Shakeology is. Not only did she lose 10lbs in a couple months by just drinking Shakeology alone but her health began to improve.  Her cholesterol, glucose, everything is fantastic! Even her Dr cheered her on at her last visit.  I think this was just what she needed because she is going stronger than ever with her workouts now.  She's killing the 21 day fix along with PiYo and is down another 5lbs!! So proud of you MOM!!! I love you!! 

My next challenger Tami and I met through my Like page a few months back. She was such a sweetheart, always participating and one of the first to share her accountability posts in my Free Clean Eating Challenges. When PiYo was released in June she knew she was ready to step it up! Not only did she lose 5lbs and 5 inches her first week...but she just confirmed another 3 INCHES LOST!! That's 5lbs down almost 8 inches gone! I'm so proud of you Tami! She tells me her clothes are fitting better and with the modifications PiYo offers she is able to keep up with the program "Not as pretty or as fast" according to her, but with a 5lb loss I think she's doing pretty darn good! Shakeology has also helped lesson her cravings for sweets at night and she's noticing a difference in her energy!

Both of these women are putting in the work and effort and it shows!! So proud of you two!! We are on to week 3 and I have some Dinner, Lunch and Snack Ideas to share with you all THIS WEEK!   These are PiYo and 21 Day Fix Approved Meals and I hope they help give you some ideas, or guidance into planning your own meals.  

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