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My FIRST Beachbody Coach Summit!

This was my first year attending Beachbody's Coach Summit in Las Vegas. 

 Our first night was just to take it all in.  My roomie had some friends staying there and we got to hang out, walk the strip and of course I had to stop and take a Flex Break! 

 I drove down with some girls and coaches from my TurboKick and PiYo certification training I did back in February with the lovely Alee Baytan who was our Master Trainer.  If you're a turbo girl then she needs no introduction.   Isn't she gorgeous! Such a cute baby bump there too!!  She was such a sweetheart and her husband  Rodney was right there by her side to lend a helping hand.  I love being around couples like this.  They're love for one another just shines and makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such a supportive partner myself.  

 It took me all week to recuperate and catch up on my mommy duties and on sleep. I'm just getting back into the groove of things around here.   Last week was a total whirl wind for me. And I'm not going to lie a little overwhelming at times but if I had to do it all over again I would!  I was there for 4 days and nights and it was jam packed from the moment we got there. 

There were over 9500 coaches walking the halls of the MGM Grand and the Vegas Strip!  I still can't believe #CoachSummit2014 is over already! I took away so much from those  4 days, so many amazing stories of hope, faith, courage and NEVER GIVING UP!

 I sat through some great trainings for not just my business but personal growth.  We had speakers like top coaches such as Master Trainer Melissa McAllister who right now is like my serious #GirlCrush her abs are amazing, her work ethic is to be admired and when I grow up I want to be like Melissa ;) I was so shy, I didn't even introduce myself, only asked her for a photo. 

I also got to sit in on some serious training from Lindsay Matway  who happens to be Bachbody's top #1 Coach and million dollar earner!  

Yeah,  I know right...a million dollars through Beachbody?!  The best part was hearing her speak of how she was once a high school drop out, drowning in debt and now she has built this incredible empire for herself and her family.  
 Hear her closing ceremony speech she gave when she was announced Top Coach. 

I know the dream is big, it's supposed to be, but this time last year I was just sitting at home, being a regular old stay at home mom.  I was busting my butt trying to lose the baby weight and the weight  I had before  and then it sort of hit me...these new habits I was getting myself into, like eating healthy and exercising, well they're going to have to stick for a while if I want to not only lose the weight but keep it off right? At the time I was making 0 staying home with my kids.  So it just made sense to sign up as a coach and give it a try.  

Sure it was for the discount at first but as time went on I started to really enjoy putting together groups to help others start their journey.  And now to see how far I have come...I mean wow!! I made $30 my first month as a coach, Now I'm earning anywhere between $400-$700 a month just working a few hours from home, reaching out to new people and showing others that this is possible.  I am home with my kids, I run my schedule.  I am my own boss! I love that I discovered this coaching opportunity.  I never would have pictured my life the way it is now. 

I finally got to meet  my coach Anita and some of the other coaches on our team all for the first time.   We are #5 in the company right now all because of this woman, her leadership and mentorship has been a driving force for me and my business.   When I met Anita I was just following her from a youtube video I stumbled upon.  I followed her for a while and we built a relationship and trust and since I was already a fan of Beachbody products I put my business and myself into her hands and she has not steered me wrong yet!  Has it been challenging, yes, out of my comfort zone, yes and I'm still here, a year later! 

This our team, well just a small fraction of the 600+ coaches that make up the Inspire Empire! All of these women connected online, very few of them even knew one another in person.  I met all of them that night right before attending the Sequins and Studs party.  

Attending our Coach Summit in Las Vegas with over 9000 Beachbody coaches in attendance was really an incredible experience. 

 I came home with a bigger heart, and passion for this business like never before.  A desire to be a better friend, wife, mom and Coach.  This fire of what can be possible was lit under me and I just can't wait to see how much more our team and I can grow.

There were  amputees, people in wheel chairs, others with disabilities, cancer fighters and survivors there fighting for their fitness.  THOSE were the most INSPIRING MOMENTS that I took from this trip! The workshops and training were fantastic to help me break through my own personal insecurities that hold me back, but to watch those beautiful men and women fight through the pain, holding onto their wheel chairs or a friend for help broke me down into tears! This is why I do this!! If they can, why can't I? Why can't you?

These are the Tulins, and the reason I love them so much is because they are another power couple in my eyes.  They are an  excellent example of taking your life back and are a great couple who provide such great support to one another.  Her husband is battling MS and does not let it define him.  I've been following them on Instagram after learning a close friend whose ex husband was diagnosed with MS.  I'll tell you, this man right here worked out harder than most I saw at the big Super Saturday Workout.  I broke down into tears watching him and others fight for it.  

This chick right here too, thanks for the fix Autumn! I will never look at food the same  All I see now are 1 blue, 1 yellow, 2 red...LOL  So of course I snagged myself a quick photo with the creator of the 21 Day Fix,  which is now also available for all my Latinos en Espanol !!! 
Por Fin a llegado!! 

Special moment here too!  Shaun T! I love this man, 30lbs down because of Insanity.  Don't ever say you can't do anything.  I did this program at 200lbs!! It was hard, I cried, I wanted to quit and you know was all worth it!!! I did it, Insanity is the first program I EVER finishes from day 1 do the last day!!   I cried the moment he spoke on stage after our killer Insanity workout!  His word touch my soul, I'll tell you that!  He and Chalene Johnson both hold a tremendous place in my heart and helping me find my way to health and fitness.  

Our closing ceremony was by far the best night!! CEO Carl Daikeler sure knows how to put on a show.  Were there cheesy moments, yes, but all filled with laughs.  He's a pretty funny guy!  We heard the stories of the Beachbody winners and saw as Bradlley and Rebecca each win $100,000  before my very eyes for losing over 200lbs each! I cried the entire time!!  You can read their story HERE.

It was so incredible to see such inspiring stories of regular people gaining control of their lives.  They already won; they got their health and a new lease on life.  But money, especially $100k is the icing on the cake! And to think Rebecca was just a lead, a customer assigned to a coach by chance from Beachbody, Yes, we coaches get free customers from Beachbody.  
This could be YOU , ME , ANYONE really!  

I had the privilege to hear Diana Nyad speak that night.  She took over than room and spread he words of courage, and strength like no one else.  Diana is the greatest long distance swimmer in the world.  She was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage.  She has world records, and is just such an inspiration to all.   You may wonder why she did all this, for the fame, for the title, but it was none of that.  Cuba held a special place in her heart and hearing her story, her life's struggles, and speaking publicly about a rape that happened at the hands of her coach when she was 14 years old.  It was so heartbreaking, but this is our world sadly.  These are some of the scars some are faced with, and to see this woman take her life and become the worlds best, it just changes your whole perspective on the "bad" day you had. 

 I will never forget her words, her face, or her story.  It touched me so much, as a mom this is my biggest fear.  To leave my child in the hands of someone I trust, a coach, mentor, someone they admire and look up to.   Words can not describe the many emotions I felt that night.  I am so thankful I got to hear such a powerful story first hand like that.  

It wasn't all business trainings and workouts.  Beachbody knows how to treat their coaches with exclusive parties for hitting their goals.  And guess what!! I did not qualify for 2 of the fancy shmancy parties.  But I'll tell you what, I tried, Lord knows I did...A little birdie told made to come prepared just in case and I'm glad I did.  

The first night we had a sequins and studs party and I missed the qualification by 2 points!! Total bummer but hey, life is about failing forward.  I just didn't meet my goal like planned, but luckily a coach on our team had a +plus one and shaka laka I got in!! I got to get all  pretty and it was the only night I got to spend with some of my coaches on my team.  

But that wasn't the higlight of my week.  My roomie got tickets to the Star Diamond reception at Hakkasan and she has an extra one...umm...that's where all the top coaches are at yo!! I did my hair in under 25 minutes and did my makeup in the cab ride to the MGM! 

I met Monica Gray who happens to be Chalene's BFF and got some awesome photos and video of her Dance Battling...seriously hilarious! This is totally me, in the privacy of my own home of  I'm not the fearless in public!, but maybe one day!


 I got the privilege to meet this wonderful woman (for the 2nd time).  If you don't know who she is shame on  This woman right here has no idea just how much she has changed my life.  
Through her programs I grew to love myself again .  Not just with my recent weight loss but  about 10 years ago when I first found turbojam .  It gave me just enough self esteem to find the courage to leave a bad relationship.  One night while flipping through the channels in the middle of the night I found an infomercial for turbojam.  I ordered that bad boy and got to work, I was nearly 200lbs & had no support from my boyfriend at the time. Our relationship had already become something toxic.  The crazy thing about all this is that I put up with years of cheating, criticism, and even physical abuse.  And when he tried to take this one last thing from me by literally forbidding me to workout I had had enough.  I left him, never looked back and within months I learned to love myself again and without even looking or trying I found the TRUE LOVE OF MY LIFE. 

He has always stood by side, through my crazy ideas, my not so pretty moments and he has always accepted me and never judged me for my past.  And it all started with the will to change and knowing that I deserved better.  I have the greatest husband and father for our kids I could have asked for.  But our marriage was hitting a serious rough patch 2 years ago.  New parents, still technically newlyweds and the stress was too much.  When the word "Divorce" crept in, I knew it was time to to give my 100% into this family.  And he did the same, exercise helped change the way I felt about myself, therefore it changed the way I dealt with our struggles and frustration.  It's helped tremendously for my self esteem and our marriage.  And my butt has never looked 

Exercise and eating healthy is more than a number on a scale, it heals you, it takes all that stress and just melts it away.  A healthy lifestyle can save your life and your marriage ;) 

Overall this was an experience I recommend to any new coach! Sure I spent a little too much on Beachbody swag, indulged in fancy drinks and some naughty dinners...but it does not even compare to the INSPIRATION and restored Faith I took away from the entire trip.

  There were moments, of chaos, disorder, rudeness and even flat out b&^%$# but in reality those people are  Misery loves company, and I've had enough of my share for a lifetime.   How you choose to deal with them  and those situations is what matters <3 

 I LOVED Summit, and am grateful that I got to experience it with such amazing people too! 

So what's happening for Summit 2015?  We're in Nashville baby!! They've already sold out!! I had to put myself on the wait list, I couldn't believe it.  I got home Sunday afternoon and by the time I sat down to play catch up I got the news.   It's going to be Epic, I can not wait to see how much our team will grow.  This is a genuine life changing experience and opportunity and when I say "you have to try this" I mean it!! 

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