Monday, March 31, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2 & 3

Day 21 of the Fix and we're DONE!! The results are in and I'm blown away considering that with the craziness of our move we managed to stay on track for the most of the 21 days.  Were we perfect and spot on?...NO...but we stuck through it and made every effort to avoid fast food, sugary drinks and focused more on building the new habits when it comes to our food choices.  We did great when it came to packing snacks and making our meals ahead of time.  The tough part was when we are out with friends and family.  Not giving in was tough and some slips ups were made but that's life.  Having my hubby join me on the workouts was definitely the most challenging part for me.  We both have different schedules and trying to meet at the same time did not work for me.  Sorry babe but you mess up my The workouts are not easy, so don't let the fact that it's only 30 minutes fool you.  They are not difficult but they are challenging and I enjoy that you have options where you can decide how low or high intensity you want to take it.  It's not just the modifier that makes this program worthwhile but having a variety of cast members with different body types of different fitness levels allows you to find someone you are comfortable following.  My eyes are not always focused on Autumn.

Ok, so who is Autumn Calabrese?  She's Beachbody's newest celebrity trainer and is the master mind behind the 21 Day Fix and is also a national-level bikini competitor.  That's pretty much all I She's a mom and also had another fitness program called Mighty Mommies-9 months of fitness that made me LIKE her even more.  That and the fact that her portion control system in the 21 Day Fix has taught me a thing or two about what I was doing wrong.  It has also helped my husband tremendously when it comes to eating ENOUGH.  He is really bad at skipping meals because of work and usually makes a pit stop at the drive thru on his way home because he's so hungry.  Well not this time, I did my best to have his snacks and meals ready to go when he was out and bless his heart he did the best to make sure all my hard work wasn't put to waste.   Here's the day I NAILED IT!

The Fix comes with 7 workouts, Total Body, Upper, Lower, Pilates, Cardio, Dirty 30, Yoga and if you ordered through your coach (or me) you also got 10 Minute Fix for Abs.  The Ultimate Package includes two more, Barre Legs and Flat Abs Fix.  Like I mentioned before I didn't find them HARD so to say just challenging but I have been actively working out for over a year now.  If you ask my mom she'll say she was about to die but she's a little dramatic...Love you Mom!  Autumn has some great exercises in all the DVD's that are also new to me so that was well worth it for me.  I tend to get a little bored after a few weeks especially if I begin to memorize the videos which is why I change up my workouts after a few weeks to keep it fresh.  I'm a Turbo Girl at heart and since getting certified and being introduced to Piyo I just can't stop alternating between the two because the Music is just Fantastic!

Ok, back to the Fix...The portion control system is what made this much easier to follow than any of the others I've attempted to do. This was simple: If it fits you eat it!! There were no specific recipes to follow which allowed me to control the menu.  My husband is a picky eater and when it comes to trying something "NEW" or "HEALTHY" it takes some convincing.   I had no objections there at all! I stuck to some of our favorite meals and just cleaned them up.  We enjoyed tacos, burgers, salads of all kinds, and even my famous home made green enchiladas.  I do my best to share all my yummy food on my FacebookInstagram so if you are looking for ideas or inspiration I'd love for you to follow :)


 I lost a total of 7lbs and my husband lost 12lbs!! I have this suspicion that I may have measured my thighs incorrectly but hey I'll take the loss in my waist and arms for sure!! My jeans fit better and everyone has been noticing and commenting on my husband's weight loss too!  Our food choices are healthier and my husband had given up the red bulls and soda...for now at least...You can read more about our first week Here. My mom is on her 2nd week and has lost 5lbs and I'm so proud of her for sticking to it. I really wanted to knock this one out of the park but things really do get out of your control sometimes.  But it's how you handle those set backs that really determine your success.  I only see the positive things that came out of these 3 weeks and the most important one being the strong partner I have by my side supporting me.  This is the first time my hubby stuck with a weight loss or healthy eating challenge with me to the end and I am so happy I had his support.  He made me so much stronger during this challenge that I've decided to continue with the portion control system of the fix and keep applying it to my goals.  My hubby is going for another round to drop another 10lbs!  I'm so sick of counting calories and macros that this was a game changer for me.  I recommend it to anyone struggling with their food choices and portion control.  It allows you flexibility with your food and as long as you stick to how many containers you are allowed you will see results I promise.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  I hope you found this helpful, I'll be posting more 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes as the weeks follow so be sure to stick around :)

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