Wednesday, March 19, 2014

21 Day Fix (week 1 review)

Last week was our fist week of the 21 Day Fix, myself and 8 other challengers (including my hubby) are following this program.  It arrived just in time the Friday before.  It came with all you see here and my Shakeology of course!

 So how does it work? Each color stand for a specific food group or foods you can eat. Green-Veggies, Red-Protein, Purple-Fruits, Blue-Healthy Fats, Yellow-Carbs, and Orange-Seeds/Nuts & oils. You follow a super easy formula to calculate your daily calories needs.  Once you have that it tells you how many of each color you are allowed in a day.  For example I'm allowed 3-Green, 2-Purple, 4-Red, 2-Yellow, 1-Blue and 1-Orange.  My husband is allowed almost double of what I am.  He is allowed 6-Green, 4-Purple, 6-Red, 4-yellow, 1-Blue and 1-Orange.  There is also flexibility with wine and other goodies. You can also trade some of those containers for other treats like chips but if you want great results trust me you'll want to skip the chips.

 I'm not going to lie but when I first looked at those containers I thought there is no way I was going to stay full or much less keep my hubby full! So of course I popped those containers open and started filling them up with some of the food I already had in my fridge.  I was surprised to see that it was a good amount of food that fit into them.  The first week was more like a trial and error week.  It took a little bit to figure out how to properly combine my foods with only being limited to 1 blue container.  I am a HUGE avocado and cheese fan and if you see down there...that's all I get for 1 day!! I'm used to having a full Avocado and then some but that's obviously no ideal considering I don't skip on the cheese  

Our fist week results are already mind blowing! I started at 169lbs (Yeah I gained weight-don't ask!) and am currently sitting at 164lbs.  My husband started at 249 and lost 11lbs! He's currently at 238lbs! Another one of my challengers (John) lost 5lbs and according to his wife who is also in our group, he is sleeping better and no longer snoring like he used to.  This is just 1 WEEK of healthy eating and exercise!! Imagine what our 21 day results will be.  I feel less bloated and am also seeing an improvement in my sleeping.  No more late night tossing and turning.  Our personal life has been so crazy busy that we have been relying on take out, and I've been using it as an easy excuse to overindulge. Well HELLO! Summer is less than 100 days away and I got some serious work to do!

The best part is doing this along with my Hubby.  He has been a great support and I think he's really enjoying the process.  Ok, I think he's enjoying the food more than the workouts but he's killing those right along with me.  He ditched the soda and the red bulls and has been sticking to Tea and Water.  Our typical breakfast looks a lot like this.  He's not an oatmeal type of guy, and cereal is off limits for this challenge.  He'll only eat Fruit Loops so TRUST me this is much healthier than a bowl of sugar.  We both had a little butter on our toast and enjoyed the veggies with our eggs! Shakeology is our go to Breakfast EVERY DAY!! Even the hubs says he craves it now and feels better on the days he drinks it so BOOM! Give it up to the healthiest meal of the day!! 

I'm not kidding with those half portions  We take our Avocado very seriously in this house...It's like the icing on the cake, you can't have a good meal without a little Avocado even if it's only a few slivers. I save the other half of the blue container for another meal later in the day, for cheese or of course more Avocado ;) 

I think I enjoy this program the most because of how easy they made this portion control system. All the food you see here is no different than the typical meals I was already making for myself and my family. I just wasn't paying much attention to how big and often the portions were.  I love me a good taco, it's the Mexican in me and I can never go wrong with Tacos for Dinner in this house.   I like salads too don't get me wrong but come on...look at that goodness right there!  

See we're getting down with our salad making skills too.  Throw in some Grilled Chicken, Ground Turkey or Beef. You can even add a hard boiled egg for added protein. I prefer to skip the egg and veggie it up and top it off with homemade green salsa.  If you have enough Yellow containers throw in some black beans and or quinoa for an added Mexican Salad dish. Delish! 

 Week 1 is officially in the books. The workouts are great, I'll have a better review of those later this week so stay tuned.  Once we wrap up with week 2 I'll of course share all the yummy meals I've made and our progress.  I really want to share some pictures but I think they're better left for the end of the 21 days don't you?

Thanks for visiting and I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions on the 21 Day Fix or want to join one of my next challenge groups feel free to contact me or find me on Facebook!

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