Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No Guilt Chicken Taquitos

It's Tasty Tuesday! And since it's Taco Tuesday I wanted to share a quick and easy meal that I'm sure the whole famly will enjoy. I know mine sure did! I grew up eating my mom's homemade chicken taquitos, we would have them almost every week and if it wasn't chicken she would stuff that taquito with whatever we had and FRY IT!! And boy was it good but not the healthiest of meals when you can devour 4-6 taquitos in one sitting, week after week, year after year... It's no surprise I was a little heavy growing up. But now that I know better I do better.

The last few months I have tried to find healtheir ways of preparing some of our favorite meals to keep them as our "favorites" with our new healthier lifestyle.  One of them is my "NO GUILT Chicken Taquitos with Guacamole" My husband LOVES the fried chicken taquitos from Albertos (They're all over Southern California) but they're yummy food is not so great for the waist and when he brings them home they are so tempting...so to avoid a disaster I have made my own version! 

What you will need:

- White Corn Toritllas, as many as needed
- Homemade shreddded chicken (you can use the stuff in a can or a roasted chicken from the deli)     I used 2 chicken breast to make 8-10 taquitos
- Pam cooking spray- or cooking oil, olive oil... (you will use this to coat your tortilla)
- Onion
- Tomatoes
- Avocado (2)
- Lime
- Salt
- Lowfat shredded cheese


I usually have my chicken pre cooked to save on time, or I also use the roasted chicken from my deli section when I'm crunched for time.  To make your own I sater in a sauce pan to a boil then, add the ckicken breasts and a few slices of onion and a dash of salt and that's it! Once it's cooled I seperate and keep in a tupperware for later use.  If you need some more help or tips this Better Homes article is great!

Warm your tortillas in a plastic bag or tortilla warmer so they are soft and easy to roll.  You can also use the comal or skillet but it takes longer :) Basic taquito rolling instructions from there... warm up your skillet or comal on med to high heat.  I lightly coat the taquitos with olive oil (with my fingers).  I sprayed my comal with Pam cooking spray and placed them with the flap down.  Once they get toasty I flip them over and the next 2 flips I lean them against one another to get the sides toasty also.

While your taquitos are toasting you will chop a few slices of onion, I use a 1 whole tomato sometimes 2, you can use cilantro and serrano chilis but we skipped them this time around.  I squeeze half a lime, sprinkle of salt into my mix and go at it...( I do mash the avocado first but I like to leave mine chunky)

Once your taquitos are done, you can place a generous scoop of guacamole and low fat shredded cheese.  I had some baby carrots and grapes on the side with my taquitos.  My hubby enjoyed his solo, no beans or rice requested and YES he did fill up!  My kids had theirs plain, I just made sure to keep theirs from getting too crunchy.  You can have rice and beans or a small salad.  Like I said, we have been eating more smaller and frequent meals so our dinners are much lighter now a days :)

Feel free to share and tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you happen to try these out, I would love to see how they come out.  

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