Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No Guilt Chicken Taquitos

It's Tasty Tuesday! And since it's Taco Tuesday I wanted to share a quick and easy meal that I'm sure the whole famly will enjoy. I know mine sure did! I grew up eating my mom's homemade chicken taquitos, we would have them almost every week and if it wasn't chicken she would stuff that taquito with whatever we had and FRY IT!! And boy was it good but not the healthiest of meals when you can devour 4-6 taquitos in one sitting, week after week, year after year... It's no surprise I was a little heavy growing up. But now that I know better I do better.

The last few months I have tried to find healtheir ways of preparing some of our favorite meals to keep them as our "favorites" with our new healthier lifestyle.  One of them is my "NO GUILT Chicken Taquitos with Guacamole" My husband LOVES the fried chicken taquitos from Albertos (They're all over Southern California) but they're yummy food is not so great for the waist and when he brings them home they are so tempting...so to avoid a disaster I have made my own version! 

What you will need:

- White Corn Toritllas, as many as needed
- Homemade shreddded chicken (you can use the stuff in a can or a roasted chicken from the deli)     I used 2 chicken breast to make 8-10 taquitos
- Pam cooking spray- or cooking oil, olive oil... (you will use this to coat your tortilla)
- Onion
- Tomatoes
- Avocado (2)
- Lime
- Salt
- Lowfat shredded cheese


I usually have my chicken pre cooked to save on time, or I also use the roasted chicken from my deli section when I'm crunched for time.  To make your own I sater in a sauce pan to a boil then, add the ckicken breasts and a few slices of onion and a dash of salt and that's it! Once it's cooled I seperate and keep in a tupperware for later use.  If you need some more help or tips this Better Homes article is great!

Warm your tortillas in a plastic bag or tortilla warmer so they are soft and easy to roll.  You can also use the comal or skillet but it takes longer :) Basic taquito rolling instructions from there... warm up your skillet or comal on med to high heat.  I lightly coat the taquitos with olive oil (with my fingers).  I sprayed my comal with Pam cooking spray and placed them with the flap down.  Once they get toasty I flip them over and the next 2 flips I lean them against one another to get the sides toasty also.

While your taquitos are toasting you will chop a few slices of onion, I use a 1 whole tomato sometimes 2, you can use cilantro and serrano chilis but we skipped them this time around.  I squeeze half a lime, sprinkle of salt into my mix and go at it...( I do mash the avocado first but I like to leave mine chunky)

Once your taquitos are done, you can place a generous scoop of guacamole and low fat shredded cheese.  I had some baby carrots and grapes on the side with my taquitos.  My hubby enjoyed his solo, no beans or rice requested and YES he did fill up!  My kids had theirs plain, I just made sure to keep theirs from getting too crunchy.  You can have rice and beans or a small salad.  Like I said, we have been eating more smaller and frequent meals so our dinners are much lighter now a days :)

Feel free to share and tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you happen to try these out, I would love to see how they come out.  

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fitness for a Cause

I'm really excited for this time of the year and not just because the Holidays are officially here! But because it's almost 1 year ago that I decided to commit to something I felt would change my life and it has in many more ways than I had imagined.  It marks a big mile stone for me and I'm hitting it hard these next couple of months with different challenges to help meet your specific goals whether they be to eat healthier, get a better understanding about basic nutrition or to push your mind and body to the fitness level you never imagined possible.  With the Holidays approaching we can't lose sight of how incredibly fortuante we truly are.  Our health is something we can not take for granted.  It doesn't take much to get started, the point is to just START!

So if you in need a a jump start on your weight loss or to break through a plateau or are you frustrated with your own weight loss progress & need some direction? THIS IS FOR YOU!

* FREE Eat Good Feel Good - 7 Day Challenge!
BEGINS MONDAY, November 11th - but space is limited!!...
Included is:
- a complete 7 day meal plan
- a grocery list - a spot in a private accountability group
- free coaching & support
*RSVP's must be in no later than Friday Nov 8th
*Shopping list and menu will be made available Friday Nov 8th

*Optional* For best results you can chose to purchase a Shakeology 4pk Taste Sampler for $19.95

*BONUS* Those who actively participate will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE 3 DAY Shakeology Cleanse.
How to join: feel free to comment or message me here or on FACEBOOK TO RSVP.  
It doesn't end there, if you are ready to step it up and FULLY commit to your goals before the New Year and join one of my Challenge Groups with the purchase of a Beachbody Challenge Pack you will also GIVING BACK this Holiday Season!
Team Beachbody has announced that in the month of November we will be FOCUSED on "Giving & Receiving" That means anyone who purchases a Shakeology Home Direct or a Challenge Pack will RECEIVE a $20 coupon towards future purchases. Amazing right?  It doesn't end there, just wait until you hear the GIVE part ... it's WAY SWEETER if you like to help people in need.

For every Shakeology HD order that is made they will donate $10 to Feeding America and every Challenge Pack sold they will donate $20 to Feeding America! There is NO LIMIT on this. Their goal is to donate $500,000+. Each $1 contributed will pay for 9 meals! This means if you decide to join any one my "Fitness for a Cause" Challenge groups and get Shakeology or a Challenge Pack you are helping provide at least 90 meals to someone in need. Is that and Impact or what!

So you can help others all while helping yourself get healthy & fit! 

I am so happy to be a part of something that is bigger than any one person.  We are stronger together!  If you would like more information on my upcoming challenge groups feel free to visit the News and Events Section in the "Join our Team" tab or feel free to Contact Me!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lets Talk Portion Control

It can be a bit overwhelming when you're faced with so many "do's and don't" when it comes to weight loss.  I know it was for me. I didn't know really where to turn to, all I knew was that I didn't see myself giving up some of my favorite food and drinks for life either.  I have kids, we have vacations and parties, and I love food! but I also love my family much more.  So that is my biggest incentive to make healthier decisions not just for me but for them. 

For starters I can not express how important it is to start tracking your food.  Once I did this I realized how out of control my portions really were.  I was consuming double to triple the calories because I was not paying attention to portions size just glancing at the calories.

There are small everyday changes you can take to not only lose the weight but maintain a healthy weight and choosing the proper portion size when eating out or eating at home that are crucial to your weight loss goals. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Dish up single portions. To minimize the temptation of second and third helpings when eating at home, dish up single portions on individual plates, and keep the serving dishes off the table.

2. Downsize to 10-inch plates, or use a salad plate. Shrinking your plate to 10 inches versus a 12-inch or larger plate can help you eat smaller portions

3. Avoid Mindless Munching in front of the TV. I’m guilty of this a little too much. Place a snack size amount of food into a bowl and leave the rest of the package out of sight.

4. Choose Nutritious Options when snacking between meals. Eating a piece of fruit, a small salad or a small handful of nuts between meals can help prevent you from overeating during meal time. I like to have pre-washed baby carrots on hand.

5. Get rid of the candy & cake dish or better yet, replace it with a fruit bowl. Place tempting foods like cookies, chips, or ice cream out of immediate eyesight, like on the high shelf or at the back of the freezer. Move healthy foods to the front at eye level.

6. Leave leftovers. Most of us eat everything we’re served, no matter how big the portion. Begin with a smaller portion and leave leftovers for the next meal.

7. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Indulge in naturally sweet food to keep your sweet tooth at bay. Try a fresh fruit parfait mixed with low fat yogurt or for a hot dessert, bake apples and top with cinnamon.

8. Sip Smarter. Health Experts Recommend that we limit or eliminate sweetened beverages from our diet, and replace sugary drinks with water, unsweetened beverages or low-fat or non-fat milk.

Dining Out? Think and Plan Ahead!

1. If you know you’re going out, look at the menu online so you can make healthy choices or check out the menu board. This is why I love myfitnesspal (feel free to add me) I can find just about anything and make it fit my meal plan for the day.

2. Get some extra exercise on the same day, a walk before or after you eat out. I throw in a little extra cardio or push myself a little harder when I know I’m going out with friends.

3. Ask about half portions or check out the kids menu :)

4. If you get a full entree, box up half before you start eating. I ALWAYS do this, I save it for lunch the next day or later if I get hungry ;)

5. Start with a cup of soup or small salad. Sometimes you might find that just that alone can fill you up.

6. Share your food with friends or family. This is great not just for the waistline but your bank account will thank you.


 Here are 10 other helpful tips for getting started! 


Monday, October 28, 2013

A little about me...

Hello, and Welcome! I'm Marianna and I live in beautiful Southern California. I am happily ❤married❤ to the most amazing husband and father I could have asked for.  I am also a stay and work at home mom. We have a 3yr old daughter and 2 year old son who keep us busy and on our toes! I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend these precious first years at home with my little ones, but like many new moms I had started to put my own needs aside to juggle my growing family and I found myself overweight, unhappy and struggling to find a way to change things.

Shortly after our wedding in July 2009 we found out we were pregnant with our daughter.   We were so happy and excited.  I was fortunate enough to be able to leave my job while I was 7 months pregnant and prepare myself for the new baby.  BUT I was slipping back into old habits quickly, with my husband gone all day at work and me sitting at home with a big belly..well I ate...I ate A LOT!  I was a mess and had developed gestational diabetes with not just my first but BOTH of my pregnancies.  I really struggled the most with my first and was almost put on insulin and other medications on several occasions.   With several trips to the nutritionist and constant glucose monitoring I was finally able to control it.

I gave birth to beautiful and healthy baby girl in March 2009 and my life forever changed.  The next year came and went so quickly and one week before her first birthday we found out we were expecting baby #2.

My son was born November 2011 and before I knew it we were celebrating his 1st birthday and I was tipping the scale at 207lbs.  So many beautiful moments for our growing family and all I could think about was how much I disliked my body and the terrible example I was setting for my kids. My happy mommy moments were being overshadowed by my depression and struggles with my weight. It wasn't one life changing event but several moments that finally made me dust off my old videos and get to work! I used what I had and did what I could. I wasn't great, I dreaded some days more than others but I never gave up. Before I knew it the weight started to come off and I got stronger and soon I began to fall in L♡VE with this new world...the intensity, the drive, and the commitment it takes to reach your goals. I wanted more!In May of 2013 I fully committed to drinking Shakeology, did Chalean Extreme and have lost 47lbs to date and all from the comfort of my own home, on my own time. That's it! All by doing beachbody programs, staying accountable to my coach and my challenege groups, following the nutrition guides and drinking Shakeology DAILY!  I still have some more work to do and welcome you along on this journey. 

Beachbody has given me other opportunities I didn't even know were possible. After seeing success in my own weight loss and the incredible support and friendships I made through this journey I have now started running my own challenge groups by becoming an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  I'm excited to work with those who are ready for a change and to build my team and dream big for  ☆2014☆ 

My story is still being written and each day is another opportunity for growth.

I would love to help you get started. Let me show you that you do not have to eat less, or spend countless hours in the gym.  

If you have questions, don't know where or how to start with your weight loss goals please contact me! Lets chat, I would love to see you through on your journey.